From Slave to Ruler


Early in the morning Aaron James got another visitor, it's a castle Guard claiming that he came from the arena to collect the Bear blooded man a.k.a Aaron.

The castle Guard didn't mistreat Aaron at all simply because of the new title, in another way meaning that the Guard is worth less than Aaron although one of these two tastes freedom.

Aaron having powers gets him a considerably special treatment, call it dumb luck but its working to his advantage and is the first ray of sunshine in this new body.

The Arena masters have even made it clear that any man with power is worth more than any powerless arena man, even if that man has upper ranks.

Aaron and the rest of the ground tappers didn't get big expensive meals such as meat, but bread with boiled potatoes seem to be common.

The meals likely get better for those who have upper ranks, chances are plausible. But ground tappers being the least respected and cared for rank have tougher lives in general.

They need to perform twice better than upper rank warriors to escape their titles.

All eyes are on them and only those who prove themselves skilled enough to escape that title, manage to get a better life in general if slaughtering doesn't bother them. 

When Aaron arriver to the Arena, spotting his own kind was easy and  so slight relief struck. The people of Makemis look tad different here, one characteristic stands out like a zit.

While patrol Guards and Whippers wear helmets and masks covering most of their facial features and skin, Aaron was able to get a glance of other random citizens. 

Being dragged to the dungeons after he got arrested in the mines a couple of days ago, spotting a key skin characteristic on these people became inevitable.

[Kasterema is a country where the above mentioned cities are based on, Hawk city and Salmon river city for example.

This country carries a race called the Kasteremas, they dominate most of the country although what agendas they have is not for today to specify.]

The Kasteremas race biologically have a black medium wide line running through their face. Usually from the top edge of the left forehead to the bottom of the neck's right side.

It looks a bit like war point but that's in no way what's going on here, these black line across the face

[While Makemis is a whole other country, although close to Kasterema. This is where Hawk city went to capture slaves from, just to set a base of what happened.]

The Makems race are simply told apart from the Kasteremas when one sees the different skin features.

Makems are purely white skinned people while Kasteremas are white skinned but of course have the natural black line through their faces as mentioned earlier.

That's how the two races can be told apart.

Even though Aaron doesn't know these people, he felt glad to see more who are technically considered his kind now or we can call it as 'Macek's kind'.

He is simply sick of seeing this race of abusers [Kasteremas] so he is more than glad to see a different face, even though his race isn't the best either as they are sunk head to heel in war.

But yet again maybe the revolutionary Alliance is less abusive compared to the Iron boot Alliance, they share the same race but maybe they are different? 

The revolutionary Alliance although mentioned, it isn't really made clear what they represent so Aaron has to lurk and discover it himself.

Once eating the small meal that the Arena provided for them straight in the training room, not even bothering to invite the ground tappers in the dining rooms close to the Arena.

One of the 4 Arena masters approaches and pitches what the deal is. "Alright Bear blooded ground tappers, your purpose here is clear. You want to win gold, fame and most importantly freedom."

After Arena master Fin finished his sentence, he gazes at the crowd of 20 ground tappers with a dead firm face and under a thicker louder tone shouts. "Do you feel like you have what it takes?"

"Yes Sir!" The group of 20 shouted in an accelerating tone which shook the training room.

It caused Fin to get goosebumps but he refused to make it visible to everyone else, no he remains in a stiff form.

In Fin's sight this Arena isn't painted in gold, he has inner respect for these warriors who literally risk their lives for a better life.

While some want to bring more to their families, some looking for freedom, some for fame and some willing to slay opponents as a sport, it still takes a lot of guts to risk one's life for any of those goals.

Guts that Arena master Fin wishes he had, that's why he has a strong respect for these people. Not to get a fact confused, he likes gold coins as well.

"Alright! You all seem ready. Now here is the deal, we figured that making you bear bloods fight each other will lead to a lack of public attractions." Well this part started becoming tad confusing.

But at least Fin can make them understand one thing, "So you will be only fighting each other if you manage to survive long enough, but not as much as you will fight powerless people. If you reach your 10th battle you will need to fight a bear blood to advance into the next rank."

Seeing the crowd of 20 people having many questions to ask which would take hours for all to be answered, some even not sensing fear to ask.

He raises his hand gently asking for silence and adds, "I'm sure you have many questions, all of them will be answered by your own Arena Master."

Cutting to the case of schedules already, he cites. "Now we will split you in four groups, you will be enemies in the battle field eventually so don't get comfortable with each other."

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