From Slave to Ruler

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"Maybe I can give this a shot." Answered the lady sitting near the desk in front of Arthur Hare.

Her embarrassment passed away bit by bit due to the mass sympathy Arthur showed for these ladies, ladies he barely knew.

Arthur made his intentions crystal clear, he wants to help these ladies and others too while helping himself in the process as well of course. Her hope slightly increased for the sake of other innocent victims, that helped her find the encouragement to become a security Guard.

She became a victim just a day ago, knowing the traumas experienced this good hearted lady doesn't want to let other women suffer the same or similar fate. Not now when there is a chance to do something about it. It took a lot of her nerves, self esteem, and guts to make this decision.

The thought of not being able to do much individually as a security Guard still lurks in her conscious but the 7 other women in the room share the same weighing pressure. Those thoughts are a waste of precious time because even one person can make drastic changes!

Just imagine if one day in this city of 18,000 people, women being able to walk on these streets without fearing the worst or without being under a man's protection.

Imagine the positive image it can portray in front of other domains, positivity they might try to catch up on.

Ever since the Kasteremas started a war 1,500 years ago, the majority of this country has suffered but women the most. The effect of less brutality towards women here in Hawk city, will likely prove less effective towards other domains in Kasterema, well at least in the short term but it can make bigger changes here and there as time passes.

So this is only the beginning, thousands of minds can't be changed in a day after all.

"Now that's an attitude I'm proud to hear!" Shouted Arthur with a rise of enthusiasm and joy shining, his entire face carrying a big smile. The burden that was crushing down on his shoulders now felt a bit lighter, helping to put self doubt aside for a little while at least.

"What about the rest of you ladies?" Arthur queries gently while gazing at them with anticipation.

"I agree."

"Let's do this for the women!"

"I hope your offers don't have holes in them."

"I'm positive of offering all that I guarantee ladies." Reaching a hand to his short black beard and stroking it while kicking back on the chair, now feeling tad more relaxed because of convincing these women, he gently adds. "I could have sweet coated everything with lies you know."

"Better not be, I've had enough of these greedy bastards!" Expresses a woman from the back of the class, her tone slightly loud but the root of her rage well understood.

"In time I will offer more to all of you and to others who can relate to your burden, you ladies are the foundation to a better future for Hawk city." Taking a light breath, he looked at them with a firm face, eyebrows standing steady and his eyes preventing to blink, weighing in "I hope you ladies realize your importance to this project, the future can be shaped by you all as a unit."

"A unit?"


"I hope we aren't going down a rabbit hole."

"Now if you ladies agree please stand up and head to classroom 17." Pointing towards the door in the middle of his sentence, certain that he stated all there was to say, with no need to extend this conversation because there are 2 more classes waiting for him, the pitch black buyer.

The lady in front of him stood up right away, so did the second, the third, the fourth and even seventh, making their way out of the classroom with shining will power, except one. 

One stood steady on the chair. 

When Arthur noticed who it was, his heart sank. It's the same woman who was firmy described in the slave sale as the "big breasted one" and likely carries one of the strongest trauma even though raped by one man.

Of course Arthur has no fancy towards her, although the lady is undoubtedly gorgeous. With golden brown hair reaching down her spine, green eyes glowing bright, a pique physical form and as pointed out by many 'large breasts'.

It wouldn't be a surprise if Arthur got attracted to this fine lady but even considering those highly sexually attractive characteristics, the man doesn't see her with those eyes. No, rather he looks at her as a big piece of the puzzle in a prime plan.

Taking half a minute to think of the appropriate things to say, self doubt conquering his feelings again. He reached the point of convincing 26 women in a class of 27 but yet still feels unsuccessful because of failing to lure in one.

Sure at first he considered convincing 60 ladies as a good achievement but to almost reach perfectionism and yet not get it is a pain in the ass that can't be healed.

Taking a deep breath to let go of his built up anxiety, the pitch black buyer breaks the silence. "So I'm assuming my words didn't win you over, miss?"

"Auica. My name is Auica." She replied, looking at the desk in front of her and portraying an emotionless image.

"Miss Auica, do you find it comfortable to tell me why you choose to reject this offer? Maybe I can help." Sure she is required greatly in the plans but he a;sp can't help showing sympathy for this nice lady, no shame in caring after all.

Cutting it short, the lady points out a couple of burdens with firm hesitation. "I've experienced what no soul should. First, I lost my entire family and now..."



"You got raped?"

A tear dropped from her eye, then the other and what started as a small cry became louder to the rate where other women might think that Arthur is abusing her now since there is no one else around.

A couple of women bashed in the classroom but once spotting that Arthur is not doing anything to her and is even comforting the lady with words, they apologized and were asked to leave the room to give the emotionally damaged lady some space.

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