From Slave to Ruler

Ill advised!

"Your Highness." Mildy shouted a man as he hustled through the throne room. 

Once this castle Guard reached near the throne, he dropped one knee on the ground and tilted his head downwards waiting for the King's permission to speak. "What is the problem Guard? Don't keep us in anticiperation!"

"Sir, it's pronounced antici..." Tried to correct one of the four Guards surrounding him but couldn't finish his sentence due to the death stare King Mendebal gave.

Taking a deep breath in aims of speaking clearly, the Guard finally reveals. "The Hajuk Chapel master requests an urgent meeting with you."

"What do they want this time? We paid taxes for 3 months in advance a week ago." Shouted Mendebal Griffin, son of Kemezar Griffin.

Crowned ruler of Hawk city and in charge of the whole Iron boot Alliance and therefore carrying the title of a King.

"I don't think that gold is the problem your highness, come to think of it they didn't request a meeting." Now this castle Guard isn't making sense. First claiming that the Chapel master urgently requested a meeting and now this.

Without elaboration towards this topic, it doesn't make sense and the consequences might become fatal even though being a castle Guard is a great overall social status. 

"Then what do they need? Speak clearly!" Shouted King Mendebal losing his patience and at this point having every moral right to shout, the topic is sensitive yet this castle Guard isn't making sense.

When it comes to the Hajuk [religious organization], it is the one group of people the King can not command.

They are heavily protected by the overall Hajuk forces and by the Revolutionary Alliance as well.

This religious organization's army count itself, not to be confused with the army count of the Revolutionary Alliance, includes around 10,000 soldiers and is constantly expanding.

"His assistant is in front of the castle doors and told me, 'the Chapel master is coming to meet the King shortly, have him ready!" Ending his own sentence, he understands that the King's ego is rather hurt.

"What! Who is that bastard? He thinks that he can order around my Castle Guards? Not only that, he tries to order me around?!" Shouted the King, disagreeing no doubt but his nerves wrecked to the very last bit too.

If being perverted isn't a strong enough characteristic, his ego is even higher and can not accept this public embarrassment, it shall be unpunished. "Execute his assistant for causing castle disturbance."

Feeling bewildered at first of the King's harsh command, it didn't take long for this personal bodyguard to nod in agreement and ask. "Execute as in to arrest him and get him ready for an execution or..."

Playing with the solid silver goblet in his hand after taking a sip of ale, trying to calm. Fixing his eyes on the personal Guard and specifying a demand. "No, kill him on the spot." 

"Yes your highness!" Noded the personal body guard in agreement, grabbed his solid Iron sword and pulled it out of its scabbard, raised it in front of himself and started jogging towards the castle's main door.

"Stop!" Shouted a feminine voice from behind which got everyone rather nervous, king Mendebal almost even choked on his ale.

The bodyguard stopped on his track and turned around to see a maid yelling out such a command, it got everyone rather puzzled, even more than the King's irrational command.

The bodyguard is used to these maids usually staying on the King's lap with no shame, no doubt disgraceful but neither of the Guards in the room ever heard any of these maids cut the King's command.

Consequences would be irreversible.

"Why the hell did you tell him to stop, maid? Do you want to die?" Mendebal let out a shout, even hitting the throne's arm support woodwork with his fist.

Which really hurt his hand but the King refused to give into the pain and hid his embarrassment behind that angry face.

He isn't exactly physically fit, in fact very slim and short.

"I don't mean to interrupt but!" The maid spoke lightly but her tone arose as she submerged towards the next expression. "This move is, ill advised!"

As if the King got completely triggered by that sentence, he immediately faced the castle Guard he ordered just a moment ago, and shouts. "Fallback, pause task. Take a short break, I need this throne room to be completely empty!"

This was the most unusual scene that not just the four bodyguards, but anyone in this room experienced in their careers at this castle!

How would a word of which a maid let out, affect the King so greatly? It simply doesn't make sense now, does it?

Even though they're all confused, following the King's order is inevitable. All rushed towards the main door, heading outside. Not to put the assistant down for good, but to everyone's surprise, take a break.

Before everyone left, one of the body guards leaned towards the King and asked. "Your Highness, do you really need to be alone? You would be exposed to danger the moment we walk away!"

"Oh, don't you think that I can't protect myself from a maid?" Smirked the King with his eyebrows raised high and continued urging the Guard to get out by flapping his fingers forwards, basically gesturing him to get out.

"You know that is not what I mean, sire! You have many enemies who are waiting in the shadows for an opportunity to take your life." Although wasting too much time with this fool of a King, the body guard's intent is still good and his arguments are strong no doubt.

King Mendebal took a quick glance towards the maid who caused this big disturbance, gave half a smile and added. "Oh trust me, I will be safe."

"As you wish sire. Yell if you need me, I will take my break in front of the main doors." This Guard's loyalty is rather puzzling.

Seeing all the castle Guards speed walk out of the throne room, Mendebal saw the maid approaching closer, sitting on his lap and chirping. "Sorry for this disturbance. But..."

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