From Slave to Ruler

Chapel master Andonil Wehe (2)

King Mendebal has a strong point which is hard to challenge, especially by someone who didn't expect such a strong comeback. "How could a fool who plays with maids all day say something this intelligent?" The Chapel master thought.

The rumours about King Mendebal's fancy towards the maids are quite well known, spread wide. Furthermore, the Chapel officials simply described King Mendebal Griffin as a fool with a crown. So negotiation would be no doubt easy, at least that's what they thought.

So how could the King exactly, from the looks of it, have a sudden shift of personal intelligence?

The history between the Hajuk and the Iron boot Alliance is tad complex, yet again very short. They share the same thought yet would never help each other even if the country's progress depended on it.

To give a deeper view of this country's politics, it's worth pointing out that the revolutionary Alliance looks down on people with powers.

But what's heavier to comprehend, is that they have been conquering Kastem domains ever since a war started 1,500 years ago.

The Kastem are described by some as the true sons and daughters of [country] Kasterema, they were here first but accepted immigrants because of a raging war between two neighbouring countries.

The Kastem are scaly skinned people who can breathe fire out of their very mouth, short said they have powers. And so the Hajuk organization was born amongst the immigrants, labelling Kastems as demons and battling them, although the higher in command spread this propaganda for the pure urge of land lust.

But here is the thing, although the Iron boot Alliance has been established around 50 years ago, they still don't like the Kastems even though the Hajuk influences in this Alliance aren't as heavy. 

Reason behind it is the 1,500 year long war.

Bale city used to even belong to the Kastems! But it was attacked from two sides, Hawk city and Lumber city too.

The war led to a huge population loss 62 years ago, leaving Bale city with a very scarce population which now is just above 13,000.

Summing it up, the Iron boot Alliance doesn't favour neither the dragon's tongue Alliance or the revolutionary Alliance. 

Spotting how the King isn't budging to follow these orders, Andonil decides to use some famous Hajuk quotes with hopes of success. "Mendebal, your ignorance is giving me a headache. We share the same enemies! Our enemies are the Demons, be it from Kasterema or Makemis! If they have those demonic powers, they are our enemies!"

"I don't love them either, my goal is gold and with the word of mouth spreading about the Bear bloods fighting, even the underpopulation issue can be solved faster. The tax towards the Hajuk can be doubled!" Well King Mendebal surrounded the Chapel master at each corner of the conversation.

Action speaks louder than words and gold speaks louder than action. If the tax doubles, the Chapel here in Hawk city will receive 28,000 gold coins a year. With such free and clear profit, only a fool would refuse it.

Now the Chapel master is stuck in a deep hole. If insisting for the Bear bloods to be killed remains a motive, he could be losing this amazingly profitable opportunity which can come back and lash him on the back.

But if he accepts the opportunity, the consequences would be unpredictably dangerous. Be it from the Bear bloods, from the Hajuk of upper ranks or from King Mendebal himself.

Although Mendebal's goal was made very certain, It is not what the Chapel master wanted to hear. If Hawk city is to be part of the revolutionary Alliance one day, a chance to have a stronger military build up now thanks to the increase of population this project could bring, will only make country dominance harder.

Although, gold sounds great as well. Especially if some went 'missing' due to sudden increase of overall Income and poor gold management which the Chapel is currently facing.

Until the Chapel adjusted to a possible bigger Income in the first few months, a lot of gold can go missing without ever being noticed. The Chapel master earns 10 gold coins each month [100 silver]. It would be amazing if he made 10 salaries in a day.

But still, Andonil decided to give a last fight towards this topic, So the fault wouldn't be upon him. "You violated countless rules when you first brought Makemis slaves in Hawk city and transferred them to your other domains, you will plague our land."

When Makemis was brought into the conversation, King Mendebal came to the point he needed, to completely refuse this order. "If anything, I should be demanding a 6,000 gold coin compensation due to those fleabags in Hay city sinking one of my ships. I lost 40 experienced men and 100 Slaves from that ship sink Andonil! Do you really think that I will take your suggestions seriously now? After your organization caused my city damage?"

Hoping that this topic wouldn't be brought up, the Chapel master found himself at a loss for words. "I..."

Taking another sip of ale from his silver goblet, King Mendebal placed it on the table once more, gave out a half smile asserting confidence and added. "To replace the human resources, ship and cover the travelling expenses for that 3 month project. I would need at least 4,500 gold coins to barely break even. Is the Chapel willing to pay for the damages plus an additional 1,500 gold coin bribe for peace?"

"No." Swiftly replied the Chapel master, making his answer clear.

Hoping for that answer and with a goal to milk the opportunity if the Chapel one day agrees to pay, Mendebal states. "Then I'm not willing to listen to the Chapel's requests until the damage is paid. I will continue paying the monthly tax, but the damage compensation will increase 1,000 gold coins by each month and until you pay that, the slaves stay."

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