From Slave to Ruler


Sword on his hand Athendurus walks out of the tavern, standing tall and embracing courage.

Assuring that even though Tristan's attack was deadly, survival was the bare required minimum to continue this battle.

Spotting that Athendurus is still on his feet, Tristan started getting ready to unleash another attack, calculated it before time.

But to completely surprise everyone in this training yard, Athendurus showed an act that no one ever expected.

Athendurus Mihura the almighty master in swordsmanship, ended the battle by putting his sword back in the scabbard.

That signifies that the battle is over, launching any sneaky attack afterwards would strip a man from his honor, this is a tradition mostly popular throughout [country] Kasterema though and religion has no influence over it.

The point is, by sheathing his sword, the master has given in to Tristan Black Bear.

Everyone has been left shocked, a lot of Ground tappers were whispering from a distance while some of them still didn't bother to care about the battle anymore, addressing attention towards their own wounds. Drama isn't in their to-do list, at least for now.

Walking towards Tristan Black Bear, with hands behind his back and away from his sword. Which in a battle somehow signifies that the approacher means no harm, it further assures it.

Tristan however, is waiting for the enemy with his meter long swords raised high to the sides.

He can never be too safe around Athendurus, especially when this man's intentions aren't very clear to Tristan as a Makem.

When Athendurus reaches around 6 feet near Tristan, he firmly expresses. "I mean no harm, you won!"

Still refusing to believe a man who lives for ego and has a long history of brutality towards students, Tristan Black Bear answers with a thick louder tone. "I don't believe you, speak from there."

"Fair enough." Answered Athendurus letting out a sigh and rolling his eyes to the left, it isn't fair to say that he didn't expect such a reaction.

If close enough, Athendurus can be dangerous even without a weapon. "I just have one question and I need you to answer with absolute honesty."

Having little to no idea what to expect, Black Bear utters. "Ask."

Perhaps not so understandable, the teacher queries. "Why are you doing all this?"

"Your point being?" But still, Tristan doesn't exactly get the point.

"You considered risks, right?" Risk. Well, if this Bear blood was able to ragdoll a grandmaster this easily, patrol Guards are no risk.

"A bit." Answered Tristan boldly, it is clear to see that he never considered patrol Guards or maybe even Whippers as a risk.

Who and how he attacked someone to end up in the Arena in the first place is still uncertain.

Finally citing what point he wanted to make, the master points. "So considering the high chances of death, you stood up for a woman you barely know? I never physically attacked her so I can't understand your reactions."

"No, I don't know her at all, this is the first day I see her." Tristan states with a casual tone and notices Athendurus' confused face right after.

Using the right hand to rub his temple, Athendurus proceeds to ask. "That's more confusing, my question still remains the same. Why did you stand up for her?"

"It is very simple. In my family, women are highly respected." Answered Tristan boldly, expecting female targeted comments as a result no doubt.

Curious along with ideas on his head, Athendurus proceeds to ask. "How did the neighbours or other people look at your family's motive?"

Surprised that Athendurs didn't question the ways of Tristan's family, he answered with ease. "Most didn't agree with our motives and still put their women through hell! But..."

"But?" Queries the teacher, curious to the bone.

Revealing results, the Bear blood utters. "But, it slowly grew on people and some mimicked us, it worked well but there were still many people who hated us for it."

"I see." Replied Athendurus while stroking his beardless chin. "Can you be more specific about your motives? Is there a rule list?"

Confused by the continuous questions brought upon him from a man with a vicious reputation, Tristan still found the motive to answer the questions perfectly. "Well not an official list but my father always raised us up to help the women around the house."

Basing it on the most common stereotypes, the teacher knows what to ask. "Did the women in your house have jobs that bring coins home?"

"Most didn't, a couple have sown for coins while all the men in the house had jobs." Well Tristan doesn't know where this is going but it is better than having to deal with sexist comments, acts or thoughts.

Confused but mostly curious, Athendurus proceeds to ask, "So the men had jobs but still helped the women of the house?"

Confusing most people here, even Auica. The Bear blood adds. "Yes, sometimes it can be overwhelming so we helped them almost on a daily basis."

At such an answer, Athendurus' eyes widened in shock! These acts aren't nearly common in Hawk city and not well welcomed by the population. "That's..."

"What?" Yelled Tristan expecting words he for sure heard before. "If you're going to call me feminine, don't bother sheathing your sword."

Such a threat? Tristan's patriotism doesn't seem to reach an end.

But with different aims, Athendurus answers. "I wasn't going to call you feminine, in fact..."

Surprising each other becoming common, Tristan's curiosity piqued. "In fact?"

Finally uttering a good word, the teacher cites. "I find it kind hearted, something unexpected from a man of your size."

"Size doesn't show mental stability." Joked around Tristan, commenting on Athendurus' mindset.

"I suppose but I would like to show you my respect." Lifting the sword along with the scabbard from his waist after, holding it with both of his hands and approaching Tristan Black Bear with it.

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