Chapter 8

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”Have you ever broken someone’s heart?” He asked me straight away.


“Yes,” I replied without even thinking twice.


Both of us knew we were going crazy, both of us knew that we were drunk. His hands were holding mine but for the first time I wasn’t afraid.


For the first time I wasn’t afraid of being touched, for the first time I honestly felt so comfortable. His huge hands held my tiny ones making them feel so warm.


If I would have been in my senses I would have pulled my hands away and increased the distance between us. But right now I just don’t want to. 


I always wanted to feel this comfort, and it's weird how I'm getting this vibe from someone who I just met.

We ended up walking by the beach quietly, leaving the party behind.


”why’d you break his heart?” he asked.


The way he said it was so mesmerizing that I couldn't resist but answering, ”When he expressed his heart to me, I laughed and broke his beautiful little heart.”


He leaned in a little more closer, ”why would you laugh?”


I wanted to avoid this question like I always did but Infront of him I wanted to spill it all out. I wanted to at least tell him the truth.


”because I knew that one day or the other, one of us will break the others heart. So why no I do it right now so that, that day never comes.” I stopped for a second, ”atleast not with me.”


”why not with you?” he asked.

I took a deep breathe, ”because I'd die if he broke my heart, ”



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