Heart Beat

chapter 12:Baby!!!

"Oh! That is why they are talking about John!!!" I said as I realize my misunderstanding, and of course my over thinking. That day the girls were talking about John's basketball playing.
To my relief and my guilty he hadn't proposed any girl. I still remember the expression he had, when I said to hang out with his girlfriend.
"Hmm, he is so good in basketball." Rose posted. We are walking to the classroom and talking. Till now bell for the morning prayer hadn’t ring.
"Yea, he is Kindda good in sports, I heard from Mom..." I admitted.
"Kindda good, he was selected as the team leader on his match!!!" She almost shouted.
"It's cool!!!" really team leader is a very hard position to gain he gets it on his first match... it is really incredible.
" definitely more than cool, anyway how was your Sunday???" Rose asked me.
"Boring!!!" Of course, it was totally disgusting, through I spent half of my day with mum but again she had to go in the evening for some inconvenience.

“Boring, I thought you would say interesting as you would get time to finish your self-study and bla-bla-bla...”

I chuckle at her statement, perhaps I was that boring before but now, I think I am a little changed and I like it. I like to come to school... it is good actually.

Bell rings and yes today is Monday means again mass assembly. Will he again stand near to me???

‘Hope he hadn’t enough of you!’ my mind satirely pretended over my feelings.

‘Oh wow! Is he still interested in me?’ I noted as he stand exact beside me.

“Hi Jilli!!!”

‘Jilli’ it may be his first time calling me by my name, real weird name, but it really sounds cute from his lips. I want to claim his lips mine.

“Hi!!!” the briefest respond that I am bound to give it to him due to our surrounding. I don’t want to be in the headlines of the gossip around.

“I miss you!!!”

Does he want to be in the headlines. Does he really mean it??? I swear I missed him a lot during this damn two days in home. I got up early today, just to get in bus as soon as possible, to at least see him through my eyes.

“Why???” my reply is still very brief may be due to this a awkard surrounding. In front, Tyra is standing because she's just a little half inch short than me.

“I was watching a movie yesterday, in it, there was a baby who troubles a lot and I swear it reminds me about you!!” he almost chuckles before whispering the last part.

Seriously, a baby reminds him about me, that to who troubles a lot. Am I troubling him? I cuss in my mind, here he may be thinking me as his little sister or a baby or a brat, whatever and me feeling the most darkest feeling about him him. Hell to me!!!

Throughout the Prayer, I was burning by frustrating feelings and temper.
“Are the youth simply throwing their lives down a long and winding pipe-line... which leads to nothing but an Empty space... some where in this prodigious yet opportunistic world... we live in... to make a better world we need to...... “

It is less that out principal brings the most boring speech that she ever got.
She most printed it from any Google websites and the topic, maybe just random pick up... it is so boring!!!
I want the Assembly to finish first, as soon as possible.

John is listening to the speech very attentively, Huh!!! so the speech is interesting for him.

School passed and I didn't even look at him for once, I am still mad at him... How come a troublesome baby in a damn movie reminds him about me...

I get into the bus.
“Can I sit here?” I asked to Tyra who was staring through the window.
“Of course! Is it a question to be asked........ you are always welcome.” she offered the seat with extreme politeness.
I sit there, she started some kind of boring conversation and I pretend to be interested in that.
John gets into the bus, he looks as handsome as always; before I could completely drink the sight, my cheeks really get hot as they are burning just by the fact that Tyra is looking hard on John.

‘Is it jealousy!’ I cuss to my to the thought.
I can sense John's dark-black eyes on me and I can assume that he is aware that I am not sitting in my seat but here; far from his reach. I am glad for that.
He walks through the aisle, his upper thigh side and waist right side touch to my shoulder as I am sitting here.
He knowingly brushed my soldier a little more as if he is really annoyed by my antics.
I can feel my heart racing now, as my body shivered by the soldier. I don't feel anything by anyone but him; which I hate!!!

I lied in my bed as I feel exhausted.

As today is Monday, there is no coaching classes, it is a relief that only three days of the week we have to attend class, other three days for another batch.
My mobile rings it may be mum as she always used to ask me if I reached home perfectly or not; #herConcern.
I answered it, still my back against my soft bed.
After a boring yes-no conversation mum was satisfied enough to cut the phone.
I scroll down into my photos and find a good photo of my childhood and I wanted to post it in instagram; and I did it.
There is a message request; I check it: I didn't accept or delete or block the unknown account #heart hacker.


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