Heart Beat

Chapter 18:Ill-fated!!!



I rush to the basket ball field to find everyone shouting and yelling.


I pull and push everyone whoever comes in my way.


Soon I get into the middle to find someone over another one and showering endless punches on his face, seeing that I cease, the face is printed with fresh blood and bruises.


''Stop it!!!'' I yell at the top of my voice, blocking the wind out of my lungs and it sounds hoarse and shaken but loud enough to reach everyone's ear.... and everything ceases for a moment, the shoutings, the yellings, the punches and my heartbeats.


Maybe shocked to see me in this condition.


I caught everyone's eyes on me.


I close my eyes to resist everything, my heart isn't beating... I literally feel my heart is ceased.


''Jilly, are you okay!!!'' Someone's hand caresses my cheek then I feel the beats in my chest.


I can't believe my heart has really stop beatings for some seconds.


''Jilly!!!'' John is worried to see me like this.


''Yeah!!'' My voice is hoarse but now too weak to be heard.


''John and Mike... both of you.... meet me in my office... now...'' our principle, Mrs Bansal's voice echoes breaking the silence.


Now, I realize that all of my classmates plus my seniors, our game teacher and our principle are here.


What is going to happen!!!

Is John going to be scolded... or worst suspended. ....


Our school is very strict in rules and regulations. Any violence would be charged by sever punishments.




"What is going to happen???" I ask to Rose.


"Relax Jilly... everything is going to be fine.... ok you just chill..." she tries to clam me down.


"Attention please, Jilly Velvet... please come to office right now.." 

The voice from our school speaker again increases my heart beats.



"May I come in, ma'am..." I am relaxed to see my mom here with John.


John isn't much injured as he was the one who showered the punches on Mike's face but there is a bruise on his right cheek and a dried blood line from his right lip's corner.


"Yes come in. .." Mrs Bansal gives me permission to come in with a warm smile.


"Good morning, so your mom was saying that if you don't have any major classes afterwards, you may can go with her. What do you say??" 

Ohhh... that is why she calls me through office microphone.


"No... actually its really nice.. I don't have any major classes after it..."


Even I have, I am gonna bunk it.


"Okay then you may can leave with your mom, now mmm" 

I am really happy now... 


"Cool, I am bringing my bag..!!!" I can't help to prevent my excitement in my voice before rushing to the door.


"Bring my bag, please..." I hear John's voice behind to which I just say a simple "Okay". So he is also leaving. .. 


I grab my bag along with John and with few byes I end up to my mom's car.


It feels like you don't care... why don't you recognize I'm so rare...


Exactly, the song somehow making me feel boring like alone and lonely, while I am sitting in the backseat of my mom's car.


Yes, John and mom are busy in their own world conversation for more than ten minutes, completely neglecting my presence. 


I sigh loudly. 


"Are you okay!" John asks me, turning his head to give me his complete attention, but I think he is worried. I know that he was noticing me in the rearview mirror from the beginning. 


I feel the silence in air, mum is also worried but why!!!


If they are worried for me than I guess I am completely fine.


"Yeah... why!!! What is wrong with me..." I ask curiously to know the reason of their worthiness.


"Nothing, Kiddy just like that..." he fakes a smile, I know he is hiding something.


"Kiddy???" mom wonders, of course, she doesn't know John calls me kiddy.


"I call her kiddy because I think she is not more than a five-year kid!!!" John chuckles hard after the last part.


"I am not a five-year kid...../......" I pout with a frown.


"Yeah, right.." John sarcastically remarks.


“Kiddy really suits you my little princess…” mom says while driving.


The car is only filled with their laughter’s and my silence.


“Hey honey, why don’t you stay with John in his house, I have some important appointments.” Mom states.


Actually I never had gone to John’s house before, so I am going to use this chance.


“Hmm ok, and yes John needs first aid…” I reason.


“I am fine.” John immediately refuses.


“No John, you should do the bandage, okay then I will leave you both in your house. So call me in need…” mom supervises, still talking to John.


“okay.” John agrees.


Soon, we reach a big two-story building which is dazzling grey in colour.

“Okay mom bye…” I say before walking with John into his house.


“This is house!!!” I exclaim, it is really a very big house with all the luxurious furniture. It is more like a mansion. 


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