Heated Desire

Chapter 6

The two ladies though they look quite fragile are actually stronger than I thought, they are dressed in Queen Anne collared white shirts with big black buttons running down the left side of their bodies and two pockets on the same level as their belly button and as if to complement their clinical look they each wear a pair of dark blue pants. 

The lady on holding my right arm has her dyed lavender hair in an intricate updo piled on top of her head while the lady on my right has her mermaid blue hair in a loose bun at the back of her head.

"Wh-where are you taking me?" I stutter nervously as we approach a large white tent that I've never noticed before, set up on the open field in the centre of the college. "I don't want to go in there!"

"Oh pish posh darling," the blue-haired lady waves off my protests in a posh accent. "You are exactly what the boss was looking for, innocent, natural, and of course, wholesome. To think he called off the auditions today after he saw you, and there's no mistake that you are a natural beauty. All we probably have to do is put a little bit of gloss and powder on you, right Arrieta?"

Auditions? Is she talking about the model auditions? How is it possible that Stryker called it off because of me when I haven't ever met the guy before? Oh god, does the team know? Damn it, why did I have to lose my phone at a crucial time like this?

”That’s right, Lucinda,” Arrieta, the lavender-haired lady agrees, her light airy voice bringing me out of my internal berating, her smile reaches up to her ears as her eyes roam my face. “Maybe a bit of blush too.”

Horror struck at what these two ladies might do to me, after all, Percy’s ‘assult’ on the plane is still fresh in my mind, I begin to struggle with two-thirds of my full strength, giving them a hard time dragging me inside but of course, they succeed, probably because I'm sleep deprived, food deprived and not totally back to the full strength I had a year ago; three days of intensive training barely did anything to return my strength.

It is no surprise to me that the outwardly spacious looking tent is actually crammed with clothing racks with beautiful garments, a changing screen, a lit up vanity table with a mirror and pieces of large luggage are piled on top of each other to make as much floor, which isn't actually a floor floor since it is a wooden platform with a large dark blue carpet over it that covers all the flooring of the tent, as possible. All chatter cease when Lucinda and Arrieta drag me in and for a second or two we just stand by the entrance as everyone takes in my appearance.

Then all at once everyone is talking, rushing about, grabbing stuff and pulling me here and there. First, Lucinda literally strips me to my underwear in the middle of the tent, throwing my black sweatpants and my grey shirt on top of the pile of luggage nearest to us. My sneakers follow my clothes and I crouch over trying to hide my body.

I'm not exactly the prettiest in the body area and I can see it in Lucinda's eyes that she knows what the tight round white scars on my shoulder, thigh and stomach area are. Not only that there are also thin long lines that decorate my torso and some areas of my back.

Though I doubt she can guess what they’re from.

She doesn't say anything as she pulls something out of her pocket and with a  few quick swipes of whatever the skin coloured lipstick looking thing is, my scars disappear as though they never marred my body. Wrapping me in a thin silky kimono robe just before another person grabs my bicep, I am lead over to the racks of clothes and the person that dragged me away from Lucinda measures my waist, midsection, bust, arm length and my behind with a long measuring tape that she hangs around her neck.

I don't even get to open my mouth to ask why before I am yet again dragged away by someone else who sits me with my back facing the vanity table. The face of the person barely registers with me before they start putting makeup on my face, covering the small almost insignificant blemishes that Percy's face masks on the plane didn't solve. Behind me my hair is pulled in a hundred different directions, giving me a slight headache but because the person in front of me is painting my lips, I can't voice my pain.

By the time I've been passed around by everyone in the tent, I have gel in my hair to make it voluminous and slightly wavey in a half up half down kind of hairstyle, and my feet are screaming with pain of being in heels for too long, at some point while my makeup was being done someone put these five centimetre tall heels on my feet. No longer dressed in a slip kimono, I am now in a knee-length dark blue illusion neckline dress that is so tight around the bust area down to the waist that I can barely breathe.

"She's ready," Lucinda breathes, looking me up and down in approval. "Let's get her to the boss."

I'm going to meet Stryker now?! I don't have my phone nor a mic on me to record his words to me! Damn it, I really need my phone right now, this could possibly be dangerous. I mentally panic as she and Arrieta once more take me up by my arms to drag me out of the tent as the staff inside begin preparing for the next dress change. As they drag me through the School of Literature and Arts, many people, male and female alike, stop to stare at me as I go past them, stumbling slightly as my feet are unaccustomed to such high heels. I do hear some snickers but mostly it's just stunned silence.

"Here we are," Lucinda chirps, opening the doors to the largest dance studio in the building. "In you go, dearie, we'll come and get you when its time to change your clothes and makeup. Have fun!"

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