Heated Desire

Chapter 9

Though it feels like forever before he finally picks up when in reality he didn't really make me wait too long before he picked up the call. Just the sound of his voice makes a shiver run down my spine in memory of his hand on my back and my imagination runs wild as an image of him standing in front of a floor to ceiling window with his phone pressed to his ear floats in my mind's eye as his short and curt voice answers sharply, "Speak."

"Good evening, Mr Stryker," I breathe out softly, suddenly nervous about calling him at this hour, shaking my head to rid myself of the intimidating image. "I'm calling regarding the carrier you asked to bring my things to my apartment? He seems to have taken my key card with him when he left...it's nowhere amongst my belongings."

"Yes, I have your key card Ms Owens," Stryker chuckles at my nervousness, his curtness form earlier easing into a light, conversational tone. "Call it insurance for a second meeting."

"Insurance, Mr Stryker?" I squeak questioningly, not believing he asked someone to go through my things just to ensure that I'll meet him again. "Why on earth would you go to such a length just to meet me again?"

"I'm a meticulous man, Ms Owens" He replies cooly, and the goosebumps that I brushed off to be from the air-conditioner reappears on my arms. "It's one of my traits that has enabled me to be as successful as I am now. By being meticulous, I've always made sure that what I want is what I get. Hence, why I have your key card."

What on earth is that supposed to mean? "When can I have it back, Mr Stryker?" I growl irritatedly, glaring at a point on my white wall as though it were him.

"Will you take up the job?" He asks me, ignoring my question. 

"Will you give my key card back if I do?" I ask back crabbedly. Wow, now you're just stringing him along...

"I may consider it."

"Why consider?"

"Why so desperate to have your card back?"

Frustrated with him and his stupid question, I give up on trying to ensure the return of my card, snapping irritatedly, "Fine, I'll do the photo shoot. When's the next one?"

"I'll have Benjamin collect you tomorrow after your criminal psychology lesson," Stryker answers shortly, not really answering my question. "See you soon, Ms Owens."

With that, the asshat hangs up on me. For a minute, I just sit there on the edge of my bed listening to the dial tone wondering why the heck did I just yield to him on the photo shoot agreement. His questions unsettled you, a little voice in the back of my mind whispers quietly. His very voice unsettled you.

The shock of that revelation stuns me to the core. I'm...actually scared of Draven Stryker. Shaking my head to get rid of that thought, the soft ping that is the alert that I have an email from my laptop has me leaving my spot on the edge of my bed to check who sent me an email at this hour.


From: Draven Stryker

To: Katherine Owens

Date: 16 September 2017, 8:14 PM

Subject: Your key card.

You'll have it back tomorrow if you agree to have dinner with me. Attached to this is the photoshoot schedule and their locations, Benjamin will pick and send you to all of the locations if necessary. Have a good night, Ms Owens.

Draven Stryker

CEO of Levinson Inc.

1 Document is attached to this email.


Something isn't right. Not that gaining his trust wasn't my aim at the start of this assignment but something just seems off. First of all, it's just too easy. I'm not exactly model pretty or skinny, in fact, I'd say I teeter between being muscly and pudgy and secondly a man like Stryker seems to me to be the kind to go for women who look like those hot actresses on TV where they have tight waists, big racks and full pouty lips. But I take the warning signs with a pinch of salt as I reply to him.


From: Katherine Owens

To: Draven Stryker

Date: 16 September 2017, 8:18 PM

Subject:: Re: My key card.

Mr Stryker, are you asking me out on a date? We barely know each other. Don't you think it would be better if we kept our relationship strictly business? Regarding my key card, if you like it so much, you can keep it but bear in mind I'll change my locks if you chose to. Good night.

Katherine Owens


Not bothering to wait for his reply, I put my laptop on silent in favour of revising the work that I missed in the last three days that I didn't attend class, I even go as far as to put it on my nightstand so as not to distract myself, after all the main reason why I joined this course was to get a feel of having a normal life and despite having learnt the material before, some of the tests actually make me scratch my head sometimes as well.

At around eleven, the front door clicks open and I hear Gerald cautiously walking into the apartment. Keeping my eyes on the notes I have splayed out before me, I watch out of the corner of my eye how he opens my door a crack to check on me before closing it and going to his own room.

Once his room door closes, I pack away my notes and head for bed, the energy from the nap that I took in the afternoon wearing off as my worry fro Gerald subsides. Lying on my bed, I am about to switch off my bedside lamp when I notice the screen of my laptop glowing, signifying that I have an email.

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