Heated Desire

Chapter 14

The kiss lasts either seconds or an eternity, I'm not sure but when he releases, I suck in air, craving oxygen because I'm light headed and weak. Staring into his eyes, I note how he sounds just as out of breath as I do, his dark brown eyes are guarded as he observes me as if waiting for me to do something.

I know I should tell him to stop. I know I should tell him to think things through. I can't afford to push him away from me...can I? The space between us thickens as I drag out the silence between us and its a wonder how I'm even able to continue breathing.

"Stop," I mumble out quietly, breaking the eye contact with him by snatching my chin out of his fingers, deciding at this moment that what I'm doing is for the better of the two of us. "We shouldn't do this."

Even as I say the words, the lie is foul in my mouth. I want to continue to kiss him but as an agent...I can't afford to let my emotions to rule my judgement. The evidential papers from earlier should be sufficient warning for me to stay away from him but for some reason...I'm ignoring all the warning bells and going straight into hell just for another kiss from him.

"Why not?" He asks me back, cupping my cheek forcing me to face him.

"It's risky," I breathe out nervously, watching his lips as my honest thoughts leave my lips without being scanned through by my distracted brain. "You're...addictive."

Our mouths clash as he draws me to him, and I find myself kissing him back. A low moan bubbles its way from my throat when his tongue enters my mouth and all I feel is him. It's all him. His tongue prodding mine and his knee wedged between my legs. The delicious electric shocks that ignite with every touch of bare skin on bare skin between us.

He's ruining me and he doesn't even know it.

Breaking our kiss roughly, he closes his mouth on my neck making me gasp and arch back and as I do he slides his other hand which was previously on the chair into my hair, holding me in place. I can feel him leaving marks on my skin as he kisses me from my jawline to the base of my neck.

"Mr Stryker," I whisper, my voice a plea but whether I'm begging for him to continue this sweet torture or for him to stop, even I'm not sure which.

"Draven," He growls lowly against my neck, making a shiver run through my body that comes from him saying his own name. "I think we've gone past calling each other by our last names, haven't we Katherine?"

Pressing one final kiss to the juncture where my neck and shoulder meet, Stryker leans away from me, releasing his hold on the back of my head. My legs slide down from their bent position on his char to dangle centimetres off the floor, hiding my underwear, which he's probably already seen, from him.

"Shall I direct you to the bathroom, Katherine?" He chuckles as he watches me tug down the edges of the shirt to cover more of my upper thighs. "By the way, I love the colour green."

Knowing what he's hinting at, I feel my cheeks heat up as I follow after him as he leaves the office. For a moment, I'm puzzled as he takes me back up the spiral staircase to towards our rooms and the puzzledness changes into shock when he opens the door to his room.

I hesitate outside the open door after he disappears into the barely visible darkness beyond the lit hallway however the call of my bladder which reappeared as I followed him overpowers my fear of what he could possibly do to me in his room.

Nearly walking into his bare chest, I manage to just have the tip of my nose brush his chest and even that has my nose tingling in an itchy kind of way from the volatile electricity that flows between us from the short moment of my nose touching his chest.

"The bathroom is the second door over there," He mutters huskily, clearly playing off how affected he is by the electricity that flows between us. 

Making an incomprehensible sound of acknowledgement, I literally run in the direction he said the bathroom is in. Once inside the already lit bathroom, I head over to the toilet to relieve myself and when I'm done, I head over to the dual sinks about a meter away.

The bathroom is tiled with non-slip white tiles and there a very weird looking shower that has four different showerheads on three of the solid walls behind the single wall of glass. To the side away from the shower, there is a built into the wall bathtub that has steps that lead up to it.

A lot of bathroom space for one person if you ask me, I think to myself as I wash my hands at one of the sinks. Wiping my hands on the sides of the shirt, making dark blue spots in the shape of my hand appear I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I freeze.

My hair is wild and my lips are slightly swollen, little red marks marred the skin of my neck like mosquito bites but that isn't the thing that made me freeze. It's the light glow that surrounds me that throws me off guard. I look like a sated cat who just ate a whole bottle of cream.

Why do I look like this? Is it because he kissed me? Oh, God...

Blinking a few times to get the cardinal functions of my body back, I head out of the bathroom wondering why I look like that. Brushing past, Stryker to leave the room, I hear his soft intake of breath that tells me he wants to say something to me but I don't give him the chance to even form his words as I swiftly leave his room.

Come morning at around seven, I'm out of bed and making breakfast at the open kitchen downstairs. Not fond of wearing the same clothes two days in a row, I forced myself to pull the shirt as low as possible and tape it to my body using some tape I found in one of the drawers in the room I was sleeping in so that I could go make breakfast for my rumbling stomach.

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