Heated Desire

Chapter 19

In the police station, Draven sits next to me in Officer Valintines‘ office and I am tempted to reach over his desk to take one of the many chocolates sitting in the glass bowl near me. I doubt it would give anyone a good impression of me but the brand of it is 'Chocolatier' and—it’s my favourite.

”Please help yourself, Ms Owens,” Officer Valentine chuckles lightly as enters his office with a file, happening to catch me eyeing his chocolates. “I do have a soft spot for those as well.”

My cheeks are definitely tinted a bright red but I can’t turn down an offer of free, good chocolate now can I? The wrapping paper crinkles as I unwrap the mound of deliciousness, and within seconds of the chocolate being exposed to air, it’s disappeared into my watering mouth.

Taking one for himself, Officer Valentine lets the chocolate dissolve in his mouth before he speaks unlike me who chews it up greedily. After a while, Officer Valentine informs us of what I already know, “It is with great regret that I have to say that by the time we got to Westford College the shooters had already left. The reason why the two of you are here is that out of the thirty people who were present, only the two of you were continuously shot at.“

No kidding...I mentally snark, mentally rolling my eyes at his last sentence. If they weren't continuously shooting at us then I wouldn't have gotten scraped at the arm.

”Valentine, skip me the introduction and build up,” Draven states disinterestedly, eyeing the still padded up officer sitting across us with deadpan brown eyes. “Any idea who they are?”

The surprise of the straightforwardness Draven has with Officer Valintine strikes me harshly and I‘m half afraid that despite them obviously know each other; Officer Valentine might not take well it. Being an obviously high ranking officer and all...

Another wave of surprise floods through me when Officer Valentine sighs heavily, and it’s not the I-hate-my-job-god-I-wish-I-could-quit kind of sigh, it’s the oh-well-I-couldn‘t-hide-it-forever-anyways kind of sigh but before he can say anything, out of the corner of my eye I see Draven give a slight shake of his head and a warning glance towards me.


”We lost them but with the weapons and droplets of blood found at the scene forensics should be able to identify them soon,” He monotonously replies, and I open my mouth to ask him what else he knows but he continues speaking, “Who’s gun was used to disarm the assailants?”

That confirms me knows who the shooters are...Draven never mentioned he shot the men in the wrists. Nor that anyone other than the men on the rooftops had guns.

”Mine,” I reply quietly swallowing my question as I raise my hand halfway as though I’m confessing in class to breaking a window. 

“I’m the one that shot them though,“ Draven speaks up, reaching over to pull my raised hand into his. 

”Ah, alright,” Officer Valentine acknowledges quietly as he dials a number on the desk phone ordering sharply, “Wesley, come to my office.”

Lifting his eyes to us, Officer Valentine gives me a kind smile, explaining, “My partner will have to take your gun to analyse the serial digits of your bullets. We‘ll send out notifications to hospitals in the country to keep an eye out for bullet wound cases on the wrist or hand with the same serial numbers as the ones not fired.“

Frowning a little at the thought of someone other than me taking my gun apart and the fact that they’re keeping information from me, I give a reluctant nod of agreement that is barely noticeable but Officer Valentine catches it anyway. A moment later, his partner which is the other guy who accompanied him into the lecture hall earlier pokes his head into the office and I stand from my chair to follow him out.

"Katherine," Draven calls after me just as I am about to leave the office. "Wait for me in the waiting area, I won't be long."

Nodding quietly, I follow after Officer Wesley who doesn't spare any time to close the door behind him, not letting me even get a snippet of their conversation. Walking into a door that says 'Authorized Personnel Only' in bold red, Officer Wesly begins to dig for gossip once we walk into the huge office where officers in plain clothes do filing and some other stuff on large tables lined up in rows of seven by twelve. 

"So, your Stryker's girlfriend," He murmurs seemingly to himself as I silently walk by him down the arise between the multiple desks and wastepaper bins. "I never thought he'd ever be able to find someone. Too much of a workaholic that boy is..."

When I make no move to put in a comment, he tries again, and a more direct approach "So, how did you two meet?"

Great, now I can't ignore him. Tilting the corners of my lips up slightly, I answer, "We're currently working together on Frank Royce's latest photography venture. That's how we met."

"Oh, so you're a model," He baits me, trying to keep the conversation going. "It's funny. You don't seem to me to be a model."

Choosing not to respond to that, I follow him through yet another door which takes us to an elevator. I'm not too sure whether or not he got the hint that I'm not interested in gossiping but I thought that he understood...that is until we entered the elevator.

"What part about Stryker do you like the most?" He asks me curiously, literally balancing on the balls of his feet in anticipation of my answer.

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