Heated Desire

Chapter 22

For how long I sleep, I have no idea. When I wake up I find that my sense of hours and minutes has left my body along with my ability to smile and laugh, leaving me to be an empty shell like I was at the beginning of this year. Just laying on the bed under the covers, staring into blank space with no thoughts in my mind.


Somewhere deep down I know I shouldn't be like this. Death is to be expected when one is doing a particularly dangerous assignment...and sometimes its imminent. No one, agent or not, can afford to be this emotional over a single death otherwise as an organisation that deals with serious crimes we wouldn't solve as many cases we have, hence why the bodies are cremated a day after death. And here I am, reciting this to myself yet I can't help but cry over my loss.

"Katherine?" Draven murmurs softly, sitting on the other side of the bed where my back is facing. "It's time to wake up and eat something."

Shifting my body around so that I can face him, I vaguely see how worried he is for me seeing as my glasses are nowhere to be found since I woke up. However, once he places my glasses on me, I can see the rim of tiredness around his pupils and the slight crease in his forehead that shows how much he's been frowning but his emotions for me doesn't change the fact that the people he works for killed my friend.

And I cannot deny that I want the blood of those men flowing like the river in compensation for Keito's life. An eye for an eye, right? With this motive in mind, I whisper softly in a raspy voice, "Okay..."

Producing a tray that holds a plate of spaghetti, a glass of water and two Advil pills from the bedside table, Draven sits next to me as I pick up the fork with shaky hands. Forcing myself to swallow the small bite of food in favour of gaining strength to do what I must, I give Draven a small smile as I slowly chew another forkful of the al dente noodles drenched in the rich bolognese sauce.

"Did you make this?" I ask him once I've swallowed the mouthful. "It's really good."

"I'll tell Lucinda that," He chuckles, rubbing his hand up an down my back as I choke. "Chew your food properly Katherine."

Gulping down some of the water, I wince slightly from my left arm protesting at the sudden action so I end up replacing the glass of water on the tray with a loud thunk. When did Lucinda come by? I internally grumble wondering thereafter if Draven called her over to find out how to soothe me.

Swatting away that thought as though it were an annoying fly, I choose not to ask him about it as I pick up the fork again to eat. After about another five forkfuls of spaghetti and half the glass of water, I decide that I'm done eating.

"Eat the Advil," Draven suggests as he takes up the pills into his hand and lifting them to my mouth. "It'll help with the headache you'll have later."

Knowing that the headache he's referring to is the headache intense crying causes, I let him put the pills into my mouth, allowing the tips of his finger to linger on my lower lip, savouring the little sparks the touch of his skin on mine. Lifting the glass of water to my lips, I drink a little bit of water to help the pills go down.

"Get some rest," He huskily says before clearing his throat as he takes the tray of half-eaten pasta away from me and moves towards the door.

Grasping the back of his shirt before he can leave the bed fully, I pull him back slightly not really thinking my actions through since I still need to get the tech team back at headquarters to find the link between Costa Nero and Montesaro so as a result, I release his shirt and stutter, "Sorry...I just...I don't know why I grabbed you..."

"I'll come back," He assures me with a small smile, sliding off of the rest of the bed. 

My heart flutters in my chest at his words and I silently watch him leave. Once the door is closed behind his back, I look around me to try to locate my phone, spotting it on the vanity table a few minutes later, I leap off of the bed to get it, instantly regretting it as the shift in my centre of gravity has my head spinning.

I steady myself by holding on to the edge of the bed for a few seconds until my body gets used to the change before heading for my phone. Speed dialling Oliver's number, I wait nervously as the phone rings and rings waiting for him to pick up and when he does he sounds like he's been asleep.

"Hello?" He asks gruffly into the phone, making me roll my eyes at him.

"It's me," I respond quickly, not knowing how much time I have to talk to him. "Tell Horace there's a mole in WSCPB and that he or she has been updating Draven on our moves. I previously overheard him say that his informant doesn't know I'm on the case. Also, get me information on links between Costa Nero and Montesaro. The men who shot at us today were from Costa Nero. Email it to me. Bye."

Hanging up just as the room door opens to reveal Draven in his grey pyjama pants and a green T-shirt in his hand, I smile sheepishly as he gives me a look of disapproval. His long legs allow him to quickly close the distance between us. Gently he slips my phone out of my hand and on to the vanity table in replacing it with the shirt.

'By the way, I love the colour green.' His voice resonates in my mind. The memory of him saying that last night comes up once I realise the colour is the same shade as my panties from yesterday.

"It's about one in the morning now," He tells me softly as he guides me out of 'my' room and into his with a gentle push of his hand on my lower back. "Take a shower and change into the shirt."

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