Heated Desire

Chapter 28

Criminology finally ends after four gruelling hours of sitting in one place with my laptop in front of me and my phone repeatedly buzzing in my bag. The student sitting next to me repeatedly glanced at me throughout the entire class, I can't tell whether or not he was annoyed by the buzzing or if he was worried about what kind of trouble I've gotten myself into that warrants someone to repeatedly be calling me for four hours straight.

Five minutes towards the end of the class while I'm packing my things, the student next to me slips a note onto my desk which has me giving him a questioning look to which all he does is glance between the note and me. Frowning a little, I open the folded piece of paper.

Everything's gonna be okay. 

I burst out in laughter at his message calling the attention of our Professor who gives us a harsh glare before continuing to talk about the paper he wants us to do. Biting down on my lower lip to keep myself from laughing anymore, I scribble down a quick thank you on the paper before passing it back to him.

The bell goes off and everyone begins moving off. With my bookbag on my shoulder, I head out of the lecture hall while answering the fiftieth call from Draven but what I didn't expect is the crowd of thirty or so people rushing up to me with microphones, note pads and cameras, all of them talking at once.

"Katherine, stay in your lecture hall and wait for me," Draven commands in my ear as I back into the lecture hall in fear, closing and locking both of the doors before the crowd can follow me in. "Hello?"

"What happened at the press conference today?" I ask him quickly as I eye the door that's not shaking on its hinges from the reporters and journalists banging on it.

"Let's just say it didn't go well in the way I wanted it to," He replies as his background shifts from being quiet to loud with yells and various questions being asked and other voices yelling for people to stay back. "Come out of the lecture hall. I'm right outside right now."

Ending the call as I unlock and yank open the door, Draven gives me a wide boyish grin in greeting, in response I launch myself into him in relief that he's here. Noticing that there are three men in suits with clear earpieces in their ears acts as a barrier between us and the yelling crowd, their suit jacket covered arms push at the crowd to slowly move us towards the car park.

Draven wastes no time in helping me into the back seat of a black,  Audi Q7 that is parallel parked not far from the lecture hall and after I'm inside the car, I realise that I don't see the Jaguar that Louis drove me to the apartment in anywhere in the car park that is right outside the window I'm looking at.  

"Who are you looking for?" Draven whispers suddenly in my ear, startling me enough to slam my body into the car door. "Careful, the car's going to move soon."

True enough the car surges forward, its tyres screeching as whoever it is driving slams on the gas, taking us out of Westford's parking lot way over the allowed speed limit. Draven has his arm in front of me like the force of which the car is moving an nd suddenly stopping at sends me rocking back and forth as though I'm seated on a high-speed rocking chair.

It gets better once we're officially far away enough form Westford that the reporters and journalists can no longer keep up with us any more. Everyone in the vehicle seems less tense once the driver confirms that the reports are no longer running after us.

Turning my attention to Draven as he retracts his hand from the door, I question him acidly, "What happened?"

"We kept our response regarding the shooting simple and vague and then we had the press ask us questions," He sighs heavily, shaking his head as he thinks back to that decision. "It mostly consisted of who was the young woman I was protecting and I couldn't stop Benjamin from mentioning you and one thing led to another and they figured out you're the woman I had dinner with."

Mumbling under my breath, I grumble irritatedly, knowing now that with the increased security measures it'd be harder for me to transport the file to my apartment, "Now I have two reasons to kill Benjamin."

"Not if I kill him first," Draven mumbles under his breath as he leans back into his seat, then speaking louder, he says, "Get ready to have an earful of giggling from Lucinda. I'm pretty sure she's seen the entertainment news already."

Groaning aloud at his words, I hear one of the three men that formed a part of the human wall against the press earlier chuckle but his friend that sits next to him bumps his leg into his in warning and with a glance at me the guy clears his throat in embarrassment.

"It's alright," I tell him tiredly, leaning against Draven with my left arm tucked behind his so that I don't put any pressure on it. "You can laugh but when she starts to giggle and gossip about your boss with you while putting a dress on you, you'll feel exactly the same way I do right now."

All three bodyguards snort at my words, a satisfied smirk emerges on my face for barely three seconds until the guy that first laughed at me says in an amused, deep voice, "I hate to burst your bubble Miss but unless it's for entertainment reasons I don't wear dresses."

Entertainment reasons?

"Caleb," Draven warns lowly as I raise my head from Draven shoulder in the shock of realising what he means by his words. "Please don't fill my partner's mind with weird thoughts."

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