Heated Desire

Chapter 30

It's taken me three weeks to transfer all of the files to and from Draven's penthouse. Three weeks because I disregarded initially to buy similar looking files in order to replace the missing ones, my emotions getting the better of me on this one seeing as I wanted to prolong as much time as possible between getting him arrested and me leaving his life. For good.

WSCPB has gotten all the files from 2004 to 2011 but the five documents and the 2003 file still remain at large. Along with this, Oliver got me the weapon I asked for and until today the gun that I handed over to the police for investigation still hasn't been returned to me.

I did ask Draven about it but all he could answer me with is that Officer Valentine hasn't gotten back to him.

Despite all that has transpired throughout the earlier part of the assignment, the deed is done. WSCBP has all the evidence they'll need to bring Draven in and from there I'll have my revenge on Keito's killer soon enough then I'll finally be able to return to my life as a normal citizen.

No more cloak and dagger stuff...ever.

Until then today is the final day of the photo shoot. Barless and commando by Lucinda's choice in a semi-see-through, thin strapped, creamy white silk negligee that reaches my ankles, I stand at the door frame to Draven's at-home with my hip cocked to the side as my hair rests around my shoulders in a mess of loose curls.

Draven sits at his desk in his business suit and his laptop open, literally trying to focus on doing his actual work as per Frank's request to make the photo looks more 'real' to the audience while having me stand at the doorway to his office with huge bright lights shining on to me from the back.

"Don't look so tense, Draven," I tease, smirking at him when he looks up from his papers, remembering that that is exactly what he said to me on our second day doing the photo shoot. "The camera will catch it."

Taking off his glasses at my words as he chuckles considering my words before he responds, "That was originally my line, Katherine."

Over the last three weeks taking photos with him and kissing him, I can understand how he managed to tear down the walls in my heart within a week of meeting him. With him, I can be myself because I can't find anything about him that suggests what kind of partner he's looking for to pretend to be the perfect version of, hence why I ended up being myself.

And the fact that he likes me for me...has me loving him more and more each day.

"Alright you two," Frank announces dramatically, looking down at his display screen on his camera which I later found out the 'proper' term of through him is, Sony a7R3. "We are done!"

In the living room, I can hear Lucinda let out a squeal of excitement at the news and the hired guns, Caleb, the guy who I thought was gay but is actually a straight man who does drag at night, Kenneth, the more rigid and proper one of the four who is the one who warned Caleb about his words in the car the first time we met, Jarred, another rigid one who is the silently intelligent one, he has accompanied me to all of my classes these three weeks and he even corrected the Professor who teaches Criminology and finally, Quinn, he basically drives like a manic to get Draven and I out of the eye of the press; all cheer at the sound of the completion of the photography shoot.

Probably means it's the end of them carrying things around for Lucinda and cooking alongside Arrieta who might I say is pretty scary in the kitchen.

"Get changed," Draven whispers into my ear as he wraps his arms around me, kissing me on the lips when I turn my head to look at him. "I'm taking you out to dinner."

"Didn't you take me out for dinner the last time to give me back my key card?" I jibe at him playfully, holding on to his arms around me. "What do you hold against me this time?"

We haven't gone out again since that first dinner because of the press's attention on us. It's only recently that Draven had his legal team threaten to sue if anyone belonging to the press comes within fifty yards of either of us and thankfully, through the example of one journalist and a reporter, the press has left us alone this week.

It was one hell of a restraining order...

"I believe you've had enough of Arrieta's cooking for the last three weeks," He tells me, releasing me to go out of his office. "You can say I'm offering you an outlet from that."

Calling after him as he walks towards the living room, I hear him chuckle as I holler, "As if you're ever that nice!"

In twenty minutes flat, I've showered off all the makeup on my body and am dressed in a plain green turtle neck dress with long sleeves and a pair of thick black tights, in my hands I hold a pair of black ankle boots. Draven is dressed in a thick, black, V-neck cable knit sweater over a long sleeve maroon undershirt and a pair of black skinny jeans that should keep him warmer than my thick tights.

"Draven are you sure you're going to leave us here without your supervision?" Frank asks suspiciously as I hook my arm with Draven's to give myself a sense of balance as I wear my shoes. 

"I need some time with my girl without you, your wife or her sister breathing down our necks," Draven responds coldly as I straighten up from zipping up my boots. "So if the cost is my 1986 Clos De La Roche then yes, I am leaving you three here without my supervision."

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