Her Chosen One


Ayla's pov

Last night was a bliss, where Klaus made love to me and I lost my virginity. Although I constantly kept apologising for hurting him, he kept reminding me how much he loved me. He was so careful and attentive the entire time, making sure I was comfortable and taking my consent for everything. He was such an incredible guy and he was brought up so well. He respected everyone, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. I always thought about what I'd done to deserve him; I was literally blessed. As he slept next to me, I noticed all his beautiful features. He might not me perfect for everyone but he was perfect for me. He had such pretty eyelashes, it was unfair that he had better ones than mine.

He fluttered open his eyes and looked right back at me. I ran my hand through his hair and he pulled me close to kiss me but I didn't let him.

"Morning breath."

Instead he kissed me on my cheek and then we both freshened up together. We both were even more affectionate than we usually are and it was so cute! I felt so bad for letting all of Juliet's words get to me and releasing all my stress on Klaus. I mean, screw Juliet! Klaus was mine and he would remain mine, hopefully. He was my best friend as well and I'd be damned if I lost him.

"Sorry I can't have breakfast since I have to attend a meeting in like half an hour. How about I join you for lunch? How does that sound?" He told me and fortunately, I didn't have any other plans.

"Perfect! Lunch it is. What do you make me to make?" I had a lot of his favourite dishes in my mind, such as steak, shepherd's pie or mini burgers.

"How about we give you some rest and dine out for a change?" He suggested and I agreed.

"So can I come pick you up at 2:00pm?" Klaus teased me because yesterday in our argument I told him not to pick me up and a lot of other crap. I just nodded shyly because I loved spending time with him in his car. We would sing songs, hold hands and it was just extra time I would get to spend with him.

Soon after Klaus left, I received a message from
Chris who asked if he could come meet me. I sighed and then agreed. There was no point delaying the inevitable. I didn't know if it would be right to call it closure but that is what it was for me.

Chris was on time for a change, he looked healthy and neat- nicely combed hair, no eye bags under his eyes and he wore his hoodie. Although there was this sadness in his eyes which his fake smile couldn't hide. We sat down in my lounge area and there was this awkward silence that lingered.

I broke it when I spoke, "So how are you feeling? You look better."

"Yeah I feel a lot better, thanks for asking Ayla." He was being so formal it annoyed me. It was unusual hearing a 'thank you' from him.

"Chris don't beat around the bush. Can you please tell me why you're here?" I brought us straight to the point.

He sighed. "I feel extremely guilty for what I did on your birthday- which includes the cheating and the drugs incident." He took a pause and then continued. "I just couldn't be with Juliet anymore and it was starting to suffocate me."

His revelation took me by surprise. I thought these two were incredibly happy, as far as I remembered what he told me at prom. Then why was he saying all of this?

Before I could say anything, he elaborated, "Juliet is an extremely nice girl. She was pretty, she was smart, she was funny. But I couldn't feel that connection with her. The connection I feel with... you."

I was dumbfounded at his confession and I pinched myself to check that I wasn't dreaming.

"Ayla, this entire time I've wanted a relationship like yours and Klaus' because of the love you two share and the way you two support each other." He continued and I was at a loss of words.

"Ayla... I really like you, I have since some time. I miss our bond, our jokes, our fights, our everything."

And hearing this, did not make me happy. Maybe if he would've said these things a few months ago, maybe I would rethink everything and give us a try. I was crazy about Chris Harrison but the key word was 'was'.

"Chris." I spoke with a heavy heart. All those memories with Chris kept rushing back at me but I had to silence them once and for all.

"I'm with Klaus. He makes me really happy. He treats me like a queen. He would do anything for me." I paused to catch my breath since I was really emotional. "I love him. A lot. I will do the same for him that he does for me. He deserves this and so much more. He deserves the world and I will give it to him. You are a great guy, you're my best friend. But we aren't meant to be."

And I felt like a huge burden was off my chest. Chris was sad to hear what I said but still passed a smile.

"I understand. I sort of anticipated this before I came here but I couldn't let all these feelings pile up inside of me. I just had to tell you so I did. Please don't stop being friends with me." Chris pleaded and I just smacked him lightly.

"My friend Chris doesn't say thank you and definitely doesn't say sorry. So if you want to remain friends, you've got to take care about that." I joked, trying to lighten up our mood. Chris took a leave after our conversation and I went up to his car to say goodbye. Before he sat in his car, we both hugged each other for minutes, until we decided that it was now time for him to go and time for me to get ready for my lunch date with Klaus.

As I was walking inside my apartment complex, someone pulled me aggressively, gripping my hands with one hand and putting the other hand on my mouth, preventing me from screaming. I was terrified to my core.

"Sssh, stop resisting." I realised it was Mike's voice and he whispered in my ear. I calmed down a little but he still had his hand on my mouth.

"Seems like I know your dirty secret now. I knew you were too good to be true." He remarked but I couldn't understand what he meant.


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