Hidden in the Shadows: Book Three

Chapter One

I kneeled atop my vantage point, my binoculars clutched in my hands, my night vision allowing me to see what was under me. My face was concealed not only by a hood but also by concentrations of HIDS so the man under me could not make out my features. My body was cloaked in darkness by all black clothing, and my hands were covered with black gloves. 

But I still hoped that he couldn’t see me. Even though I was covered quite well, I still feared he would simply look up, see through my disguise, and know who I was. Like me, he could sense his fellow demons and could see scarily well in pitch-darkness. I prayed to the gods that he didn’t know I was there, hunting him down. 

I allowed myself a small sigh, lowering the binoculars. I ran a hand down my face, nearly groaning. Nothing interesting was happening. I was a being fueled by adrenaline and action, and the scene under my feet was not stimulating that at all. It was easy to get addicted to adrenaline highs, non-stop action, infinite stakes, and dangerous missions in the MCC. But sometimes, there were not-as-exciting missions, like the one right now. 

Below me, my target was finishing negotiations with a shady-looking man that I couldn’t see. His face was hidden by a hood, and thick leather gloves were on his hands. Even though I could see in total darkness, it was still difficult to make out his features. 

I almost wondered if he had HIDS or a cloaking spell on himself, too, but that was simply speculation. He did not matter. The man he was speaking to did. 

I adjusted my scope, drinking in his actions. He spoke in hushed voices to the man, so quietly that I couldn’t make out a thing. Despite being a hybrid supernatural with keen senses, I still couldn’t hear him. I wondered what he was saying. 

Finally, the mysterious man left. The other man whom I was watching counted his money. 

He began walking away. I grabbed my stuff and followed, making sure I made no sound.

But he seemed to disappear into the night, to melt into the darkness, and I lost him again.


Three weeks. I had been tracking him, hunting him, and spying on him for three whole weeks. 

And in that time, I had gotten no closer to catching this man and killing him. 

His name was Jax Hunter. He was the leader of a dangerous gang called the Cobras that could not be caught by any mere police force. 

You’d think that was bad enough, just a mortal commiting crimes. 

But no. You’d be wrong.

He was an incubus, a demon known for roping people in with his charm and feeding off their lifeforce. And because he was an incubus, he was hot, charming, and arrogant, like most incubi are.

But not as smart.

This guy was a freaking genius. He covered up his tracks way too well and was always one step ahead of those who were after him. He was resourceful and cunning and a criminal mastermind. If you were after him, he wouldn't make it easy for you. He barely used force and instead used manipulation, something he turned into an art form. 

“You never get manipulated,’’ Chief said to me. 

“You’re smarter than that,’’ Chief said to me. 

“You’re one of our best agents, trackers, and assassins. You’ll find him in no time.’’ She said to me. 

Right. I was close to catching him. He was so close to falling in my traps that it made me giddy. 


This guy was an eel, slipping through my fingers and making a getaway before I could even blink. I had no idea how he did it, but I didn’t like it.

I was Renee Patterson, a senior agent, assassin, tracker, fighter, and member of the United States Magical Creatures Council. Not to mention that I had managed to fulfill an ancient prophecy to bring down a powerful vampire monarch. It had been six months since I had fought in and helped win the Century Battle, and I was older and wiser because of it. I had learned to always be a step ahead of my enemies, to never underestimate them, and how to understand them, something I'd learned the hard way. I was sixteen now, a year older than I had been during the battle. I was stronger, faster, smarter, and better suited for the missions being given to me. When I had been told that my next mission would be in six months, I immediately started to prepare. That meant I had trained for months on end without stopping. My prey always fell into my traps, not if I could help it. 

Except for a certain ridiculously smart and infuriating demon. 

As soon as I jumped three buildings, I lost his trail.

Maybe you're wondering how this mess all started. It began three weeks ago when I got a phone call from my boss in the middle of the night...


The phone rang in the dead of night. 

Still half asleep, I groggily yanked my phone from my nightstand and looked at the number. 

“Renee?” A voice asked to my right. “Who is it?”

“Chief,” I grumbled to my sister, Ruby, and I picked up.

“Hello, Renee,” Hawthorne said. “Having a nice night?”

“Yeah, until you woke me up,” I grumbled. I had been enthusiastic about the mission, but that didn't mean I wanted to be woken up at two in the morning. “What is it?”

“Sorry for calling you at the late hour, but I have something to tell you." 

I sat up, fully awake now. After my boyfriend, Percy, left on his latest mission, I had gotten a text saying that my next mission would be in six months, and during the wait, I needed to train. Training had died down a week ago, and I had been sitting anxiously, waiting until Chief deemed me ready for whatever she'd been planning. 

"What is it?'' I asked, trying not to sound too eager. It had been a boring couple of months, with me attending school and training on the side. I liked training and school, of course, but I was truly happy when I was out on the field, doing whatever assignments I was given. 

Olivia Gordon Reid

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