Hidden in These Lies

Chapter 3

Storms POV

Around 7pm we finally reach the triplets house. I ring the doorbell, standing with Reese and wait for someone to open the door. Not a minute later, the door swings open to reveal Aaron who is dressed immaculately, in a sleeveless red and black plaid shirt completely unbuttoned, his abs on display, paired with a black ripped skinny jeans and a white pair of sneakers and lets not forget the famous smexy smirk. The boy is dressed to kill.

"Careful Peaches, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were drooling?" his smirk growing wider.

I snapped out of my reverie realizing I was staring way too long.

"You wish but those abs seem to be sagging Sparkles." I smirk and laugh as I walk past him, his face pale, with a snickering Reese behind me. We make our way to the backyard and take in the scene before us; hookahs, alcohol and an overall drunken-high buzz in the air.

"Hey you guys made it!!!" I turn my head and see Aiden and Aaron walking towards us with a tipsy smile.

Aiden is dressed in an army colored muscle t-shirt, blue ripped jeans and black sneakers, his arms cross his chest giving him an intimating yet sexy look.

Aaron is dressed casual in grey hoody, black jeans and white sneakers, his goofy grin making him look charming and innocent. Which he most definitely is not. Adrian soon joins us with a red cup filled with alcohol as we speak.

"Well I didn't have much of a choice now did I!" Reese says sarcastically while giving us a death glare. I snicker at her pouting face.

"Wow Reese! Who knew under all that feistiness, you were actually sexy." Aiden teases assessing her from head-to-toe while biting his lip.

I turn to look at Reese in approval in her black and white Adidas pants, black crop top and black sneakers, topped off with a gold necklace, watch and her favorite black sunglasses which adds to her beauty. Getting her to wear this outfit was like trying to tell a stubborn child to eat vegetables. IMPOSSIBLE. Well almost.

"Keep your fucking eyes to yourself Ali, wouldn't want to lose it now would you." Reese snaps in a venomous tone.

"Try me Princess" Aiden challenges her with a smirk and I sigh and shake my head in amusement.

Before I can say anything I'm interrupted by a hand slipping around my waist and a kiss hitting my cheek.

"Hey babe" Mehulio greets in a light tone unaware of the tension that just hit the group like a bomb and I turn to give him a proper kiss.

"BABE?!" the triplets question in unison. Reese smirks and I ignore them completely and drag Mehulio away to get something to drink, leaving Reese alone with the triplets.


Reese POV

I watch Reese and Mehulio walk away and realize I'm left alone with the triplets. Again.

I groan inwardly.

Why can't I catch a break?

I turn and quietly attempt to slip away only to be grabbed by Aaron and cornered by the 3 brothers with murder written all over their faces. Oh Fuck!!!




They say finishing each others sentences. Which is fucking creepy if you ask me.

"Problem?" I flash an innocent smile.

"Don't play dumb you know exactly what were talking about! " Aaron fumes.

"Me? Play dumb? Never!" I flash an even wider smirk at the triplets obvious discomfort.

"What's going on between Mehulio and Storm?" Adrian says deathly calmly yet the storm in his eyes tell a different story.

"Do I fucking look like Storms keeper? Go ask her yourself." I say losing my last bit of patience while rolling my eyes. They glare at me further.

"Don't look at me like that assholes. Besides aren't you guys, the one's currently leaving her alone with a guy, alcohol and a house full of empty rooms?" I ask with an innocent smile as Aarons eye's widen and he makes a run for the house. I smirk in triumph and attempt to walk away only to be blocked once again. I sigh.

Aiden and Adrian turn to look at me with a mischievous smirk and a mischievous twinkle in their eyes.

"So I'm guessing you're not going to tell us anything are you?" Adrian asks with a smirk.

"Nope." I reply sugary sweet, popping the 'p'.

They both share a look and before I can fully comprehend what is going on, they grab me and I am thrown into the ice cold waters of the pool.

I swim up to the surface of the water and glare at the two laughing idiots.

I hate them so much!



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