His Cheerleader

Chapter 4- What the heck?

Brittany's POV

I woke up the next day feeling lively once again, I decided not to make a big deal of what Jared did in his room. I realized that it was my fault too, I'm the one who meddled and invaded his stuffs.

I took a deep sigh as I made my way inside the classroom. Many greeted me good morning and some said Hi...I took my iPod out and my headset, Avril Lavigne's "I will be" started playing and I started to hum it while I sat on my seat.

My whole day will be so boring because Faye's not around, she's gone to the Philippines with her family for some reunion. I let out a huge sigh as the professor went inside.

He smirked. "Today, due to the upcoming Foundation week, each one of you will be showing your talents and I will decide who will represent our class in each activity" he said and started calling names, it didn't take the prof that long to call Tommy's name and surely won't be hard to know if he'll be next even when our eyes are closed, because of his loud fan girls.

"Take it easy girls, Brittany might dump me out of jealousy." He said winking at me. "She already dumped you dude!" Harry said, one of his sidekick.

He played a song, it was a hit nowadays I just couldn't remember the title, what was it again? "Des..." oh forget it! It was some upbeat Spanish song.

I admit, he knows what he's doing and he's got some moves, he took a step towards me and I think he's trying to invite me to dance with him, but I looked away and they started teasing him. What a show-off.

"Scotland!" I immediately turned my head and looked at Jared who stood up and whispered something to our teacher, he took out two colored whiteboard markers and started to draw. Our jaws dropped when he drew our professor in his Lab coat. We started to give him an applause as he sat, my eyes were sparkling as I stared at him. Moments later "Swift!" he called out and they started to make noise. I grabbed the guitar that was placed near the door.

"What are we fighting for?

Seems like we do it just for fun

In this, this stupid war

We play hard with our plastic guns

Breathe deep, bottle it up

So deep until it's all we got

Don't speak, just use your touch

Don't speak before we say too much

You hate me now and I feel the same way

You love me now and I feel the same way

We scream and we shout

And make up the same day, same day

Oh, we're on the right side of rock bottom

And I hope that we keep falling

We're on the good side of bad karma

Cause we keep on coming back for more

We're on the right side of rock bottom

And to you I just keep crawling

You're the best kind of bad something

Cause we keep on coming back for more" and then there it goes, their wild reactions which I clearly don't get in many ways. I saw Jared stare at me and heck I can feel my blood rising from my heart to my cheeks.

Time passed by so quickly it was already break and I went to the cafeteria for a snack. As I walked my way to the locker room to get my stuffs for the next class, I heard the students murmuring while heading to the gym and I got curious so I asked one. "What are you guys talking about?" I asked.

"Tommy is up for another humiliation round for Jared, he's doing it inside the gym right now." My eyes widened and immediately ran to the entrance of our gym.

"Come on? You have the guts to look at my girl and now you're not gonna fight back? Why? Haven't you read this from one of those nerdy books you always read?" Tommy said while looking at Jared who's sitting on the floor.

I took a cautious step towards them and I spoke. "What the hell are you doing Tommy?" I said that made the both of them turn their heads towards me. "What?" he said trying to deny his actions when I can see them clearly. "Don't meddle with this Brit, this is guy stuff!" he said without looking at me.

"Guy stuffs my ass! Stop this in this instant!" I commanded him but he just ignored it.

"Hey Nerdy, look! Here's the girl you were trying to check out!" Tommy said and grabbed Jared's collar. Jared stared at him without showing any emotion, not a single one. Tommy tightened his grip on Jared's collar yet he didn't even get stirred. He pushed Jared away and prepared himself to punch him but before it could hit him...

"Brit!" It was a foolish act but I actually took the punch that was supposed to be for Jared and believe me when I say...it fucking hurts *all went black*



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