His Cheerleader

Chapter 5- Daydream

Brittany's POV:

I woke up feeling queasy of course no normal girl would actually feel good after taking a vigorous punch from the king of jocks in the campus.

I roamed my eyes around the bleached room where I am currently residing. "You're awake at last!" Faye bellowed while extending her ferocious arms where I declined cause I might pass out within her grip.

"What happened?" I said as I looked for the presence of the man I took the punch for.

"Uhm...I think you should rest first. we'll talk about that later." I grunted. "I think I already had enough rest. So?" I said

"Okay. After you passed out, uhm...Jared became somehow...F-furious and " she hurled the curtain aside and my eyes widened as I saw Tommy lying crippled with caster on his neck.

"What the...hell?" I said in surprise. I looked at Faye, giving her the "Where-the-heck-is-he?" look. "He's at the Principal's office." She said and I hastily ran to the Principal's office. Right before I could open the Office's door, Jared already got out. I worriedly ran towards him and asked "Jared, are you okay? did Mr. Portman said something awful to you? I'll go talk to him!" I said as I gestured to open the door behind him. My whole body froze as I felt his hands touching my shoulder, I swear to God I can feel my cheekbones go tomato red right now.

"No Brit stop! He just said that I should control myself sometimes." he said. "How about you? are you okay now?" I nodded as I looked down, this is so freaking embarrassing. "Are you nuts? what were you thinking?" and here he goes sounding like how he usually sound, as cold as ice.

"I was actually not thinking anything that time." I said and I looked at him, I flashed a fainted smile . "Don't do that ever again, specially not for me." I'll try. I said to myself. I looked upon his gorgeous eyes and nodded, he looked away. He walked away. And there he goes again, leaving me, as usual.

I went back to the clinic to sign some papers for the school record. I went to class after only to see Clara, one of Tommy's die-hard fan-girl, glaring at me as if she's about to skin me alive.

"So much for being a hero eh Smith?" she said clearly mocking me for what I did.

"Oh come on Clara! you know i'm not interested on Tommy." I said and sat to my chair. she stoop up and went to my direction.

"Yeah right! Well it sure seemed as if you were using Jared to make him jealous. Oh well, that's what good girls are right? they tend to be the victim to earn everyone's sympathy." she said making me raise my right brow.

"Odd. Isn't that your specialty? wouldn't it seem to be unfair if i take that ability of yours away from you too? stop all of these Clara, you know how petty my attitude can get so stop mocking me." i said and then she looked away and stormed her way out of the room.

Lienna, one of the good girls in class, walked towards me. "I didn't know you can speak bitchy Swift! I admit I mistook you for someone who doesn't even curse." she said as she sat beside me. "I'm no saint, Meyer." I said and flipped the pages of my statistics book, pretending as if something is actually being registered inside my mind. I'm probably too preoccupied. billions of "what ifs" appear every time I close my eyes. What if Jared feels the same way? what if Tommy really is sincere with his feelings? what if Jared hates me? and so many more. the whole period of math ended with me not even paying a single attention. I don't know, things are quite complicated. too complicated to comprehend at the moment.


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