His Cheerleader

Chapter 9- Luke is back

Tommy's POV

"Hey Tom, coach asked for you." Klein said. "Why?" I asked. "Dunno, ask him." He said and left, jerk.

I went to the athlete's office to see Mr. Anderson and there I saw him sitting with a man with a built facing away from me. "It's about time you come here." Mr. Anderson said. "Just got informed coach, sorry." I said.

"How's the cast?" He asked, right, that stupid Scotland gave me this one. "It's alright, it'll be removed in three days, no worries." I said and tried to move it for assurance.

"My, my, an injury isn't something a coach cannot be worried about, so I'm removing you as Captain for the mean time." He said, WTF!

"Coach, I'll be fine, I can still manage." I said. "Uh-oh no words, it's final. Don't worry you are still the official captain but for the mean time, I saw someone who can replace you." He said, who the heck would that be? Klein? that idiot doesn't even know how to rebound!

"Who?" I asked. "Him." He pointed the man behind him and that guy turned around and I saw a familiar face, this is probably the man the girls were talking about. "Who are you?" I asked. "You seriously don't remember the face of the man who made you that way?" What?

"I don't get any of this." I said puzzled. "We just talked last night Roswell, forgot about me? It's Jared." He said that made me drop my jaw.

"How the hell?" I said.

"I don't know what's the deal with the both of you but I want you guys to treat each other as teammates now." He said and played a video on his laptop. It was a guy playing basketball on a gray-white jersey with Scotland no. 3 on it. This is Jared? Damn. I can't deny it, he's good, better than me actually. He can even nail a three-pointed score with guards on him, trying to get the ball out of his hands?

"So what now? He's gonna be the Captain now?" I asked, I can't be bitter, I could be a jerk but with basketball, I can't risk being bitter at all. "Yeah, but once you'll be fine, he'll be the assistant captain so no need to get worked up okay, you earned your position, no one will take that away." Coach said. He sure does know how to comfort someone without trying to use cheesy words at all.

"Fine." I said. Coach said something about the practice later then sent the both of us off.

"So you weren't a nerd." I said. "Nah, just trying hard to act like one." He said and smirked.

"Well, you sure did made a fool of us for three long years." I said bitterly, well this isn't about basketball right?

"Sorry 'bout that, I can't risk those years of recovering from trauma to get me somewhere I don't wish to go. Besides, if I did that, you wouldn't be the captain now right?" He said.

"Well yeah that does make some sense." I said. Figures he's not bad afterall but he said something that triggered me and now we'll surely be competing about something, not maybe about basketball but Brittany? oh he sure did found an opponent of his own.

Brittany's POV

"Am I imagining things or did Jared and Tommy really just passed by laughing at each other as if they were good friends?" Faye said. I looked at the direction she was looking and I did saw Jared and Tommy laughing. Just what in the hell is happening here?



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