His Cheerleader

Chapter 10- Public Announcement

Brittany's POV:

Just what the hell is happening here. Jared and Tommy walked together? that's unusual but walking together while laughing? Is it the freaking end of the world? damn! But, more importantly...how did Faye knew it was Jared when he doesn't look like the old Jared right now? 

I waited for lunch pretending that I was listening to my personal development teacher as he preached about Cognitive development. No matter how hard I tried to find a reason why Jared and Tommy was doing that and how did Faye knew it was Jared who walked together with Tommy, I just couldn't. Seeing a bullied nerd and the bully walking together, that's just so weird, or did Jared introduced himself as Luke, but I don't think he'd do that...he's hiding from bad people right?

I was almost at the cafeteria when I saw a group of girls circling around someone with a familiar built at the entrance door, what the hell? I walked closer to the crowd and heard what they were saying. "You are so gorgeous, I'm having a party tonight and it would be amazing if you would come!"A brunette haired girl said in a flirtatious way.

"Yeah it would really be nice if you are there, we could hangout you know, and then maybe have fun" A black haired girl agreed as she winked at him. I cleared my throat loudly and as soon as they turned around I said "Excuse me but you're blocking the entrance, kindly do your flirting session inside somewhere not blocking anyone." I said and ignored Jared's surprised expression. "Back off Swift, this is not your turf." I clenched my jaw and looked at Cassandra, the brunette haired girl. "My turf or not, hell I care." I said and walked pass by them. I rolled my eyes at Jared as I passed by him.

I entered the cafeteria and sat at the usual spot that I usually stay at. "Hey" Jared said as he approached behind me, he followed me.

"Oh, I thought you weren't coming." I said, I swear that I sound bitterly sarcastic. "What? Why?" He innocently asked.

"Well you were busy." I said and looked at the menu in front of me. "Wait...are you jealous?" He asked. "What? NO! Of course not!" I defensively answered. "Hahaha...you look so gorgeous when you get jealous." He chuckled. I glared at him and he just smiled at me. Curse him and his gorgeous smile!

"Sorry...I had no idea why they were like that even when I said who I was." He said and tried to be cute, shiiit Scotland stop that, it's working, UGH! I was about to say something when Cassandra came to us, what the hell does she need this time?

"Jared, you left me without saying a word over there." I clenched my hands and looked down to the menu. "Why? I don't see a reason for me to say bye." He said, burn bitch burn!

"Well you haven't said anything about the party yet, we could hangout after you know. No need to be shy, you don't even need to court me." She said ignoring my presence. Wow court? -_-

"Look I don't want to hangout with you, I don't like parties and I have no plans on courting you because I'm courting Brittany." He said I felt my cheeks burn as he held my hand in front of other people, Oh my gosh Jared why do you do this?

"Wait...you are courting Brittany? Wow Brit, first Tommy and now Jared, you sure are a low-key slut." She said that made me raise my head and brows at her. I let go of Jared's grip though it tightened, I stood up with a posture and faced Cassandra.

"First, before you start talking about me being a slut, look at yourself first in the mirror then tell me later if you see a hoe." I said and smiled, I noticed people circling around us, right, they've got something to gossip about for later's class.

"Second, Tommy and I are nothing but friends, yes it is quite known in the campus that he's got a thing on me but I don't recall responding to his confessions." I said and moved closer to her. The crowd was being wild cheering as if a cat-fight was about happen, sorry I'm a dog.

"Third, I was just trying to remain quiet about this but bitch you just crossed the line and had my radar pumping some red juice inside me, you were always avoiding Jared's gaze back then, you would even talk behind his back because of his dumb outfits but I see that plasticity really knows no boundary. You call me a slut? well who among the two of us is wearing clothes as if there's no fabric available in the store? Don't go bitching around me with that silicon you've got inside your bra, don't think we didn't know that? I may look like I'm nice but believe me, I'm more than an innocent face when you cross your limit. So next time, try to use the proper words and mess with the people who you think you can handle. And I, Thank You." I said bowing like a princess in front of her. I saw Jared smile in my peripheral vision. You messed with the wrong girl honey. Her faced turned tomato red, she was about to slap me when Jared caught her arm. "Insults are nothing but don't you ever try to harm the girl I love physically or else." He said and dragged me outside the cafeteria. I have no idea where we are but I do know that it's still inside the campus.


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