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05 - Insatiable


She could not remember the last time she had a whole meal.

Snow pinched the duck bone in her fingers as her lips caught the dangling meat. It was tender, slightly bland, but the flavor of the rich poultry surfaced. The tiny bit of salt did its part as the duck fat coated her tongue. The herbs gave the meat its scent inhaling it as she chewed. It was woody, almost floral complementing the smoky exterior of the charred meat.

She could not get enough of it. The melted fat from the devoured leg dripped down her wrist as she grabbed for another part. She was glad that she was far away from home where breakfast was a bowl of rolled oats and with a side of wild sour berries.

This was the first morning upon her arrival that she was able to stand.

The skin on her thighs touched as she closed the gap between her legs. She could still feel a lull pain between them. Her face flushed recalling the countless times the alpha would bed her despite her aching womanhood. It came to a surprise to her that despite the pain, she did not resist him. Instead, she allowed him to manhandle her all he wanted.

She distracted herself grabbing cubes of potatoes dawned with crushed pepper. Her finger guided the morsel into her lips. She has lost count of the days as she lay sore on the covers. It was only today that she had the strength to walk down the steps guided by the smell of breakfast.

It led her towards a spacious hall where a long table sat quietly. There she was served with roast duck, potatoes and wild greens.

With the spoon and fork still untouched beside her plate, her fingers caught blocks of meat falling apart from its bone and paired it with the crisp greens. Her tongue became a canvas of honey and salt as she licked a stray drop of melted duck lard at the corner of her lips.

"Milady, would you want another fowl feathered for you?"

She jerked with cheeks still full of tender meat as the handmaid spoke. It came a surprise to Snow how the woman stood so close to her. She could make out the gray beneath her eyes and sun burnt cheeks. Her damp hands were red as she rubbed them against an apron hanging from her belly.

"N-o." Snow could only shake her head. With her mouth still full she couldn't even speak. She quickly downed the food.

"No, need." She spoke again, "The meal you have prepared is more than enough."

The woman chuckled as she took the plates in her hands. Snow sat wide eyed as the handmaid moved freely before her. She started conversing about the weather and how she wished the winter would fade. None of the servants in Grimlake house talked to her this way. She was unsure how to respond.

"Pardon me, milady," the girl bowed her head, "I'm blabbering again. I should stop-

"No, it's okay. Please keep talking." Snow responded before the girl could finish.

"Okay, that's the first time no one has shut me up," The woman took empty greased plates in her hands as she started ranting about how busy the kitchen was at this hour. Before she proceeded back to the kitchen, she settled the stack of dishes back on the table and went rubbing her hands again.

"I'm Brida, milady. And I'm delighted to be serving you this morning." She handed the scrubbed hand towards her. Snow's chest felt light and raising her hand to meet Brida's felt the most natural thing to do.

"Please, call me Snow." She shook her hand and smiled.

Her cheeks were unfamiliar with such expression as they stiffened. Snow bit her lip in utter embarrassment and let the handmaid go about her tasks. Two more handmaids lend Brida a hand. The two shyly approached the table as they smiled towards her. Snow bowed her head greeting the two who giggled as they went on emptying her corner of the long table.

Although it scared her, being plucked from her home and placed somewhere so unfamiliar. She was glad that she was granted a chance to start anew, where nobody heard the rumors, where she was treated like she was any other girl.

Indeed, Burnwood house was nothing like her home. One step into the main hallways, her whole body tensed amidst the crowd of people conversing in groups. They were lounged on couches and fur carpets against the fire. Young cubs where running everywhere as their mothers called each of their names.

The sun now shone from the windows studded against the entire length of the wall. It illuminated all the curious eyes catching a glimpse of her. The pause continued until a young cub came running towards her.

"You're awake!" Snow was unsure of what to do. The girl stood few inches from her. She was a young girl about the age of five. "What's your name? Do you really have six sisters? What is your favorite color?"

Snow was unsure where to start as the questions continued to pile up.

"I have four older sisters, now my mama is carrying my baby..." the girl's nose twitched as she puckered her lips to the side of her face. Her eyebrows curved against her forehead, "sister? brother? I don't know actually."

"Your mama is having a little cub?" Snow forced to speak. The little girl nodded her small head several times, Snow's nape ached just looking at her. The little girl's eyes were now wide open as she patiently waited for Snow's reply.

"Brielle, what are you doing bother the Luna?" A tall woman about the age of her sister, Clara came trailing behind the little girl. "I'm sorry if, my little cub startled you, dear. She's been eager to meet you."


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