His Love Her Hatred



It was afternoon time,so I just ordered a light meal for both of us,after having lunch.

We headed back to car,and after few minutes he dropped me to my rental house.

As I got off the car,he said,"Sweetie,I want you 9am in my office,don't be late tomorrow"

"But, I get bus at 8:30 from here,how could I..."

"Don't worry,you won't be late anyway I know"

With that he drove away without waiting for my reply.

"Huh,I can never understand this psycho guy"

I got into my home.My house was small with a room and hall,in not-so-famous area cause obviously I can't afford apartments in a city like London.

My mother came with a glas of water,and asked,

"How was your interview dear"

"um mom",I didn't know how to explain all what happened today.So I just replied,

"Yeah,Mom it was good,I will be joining from tomorrow"

As I was chit chatting with my mom,suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Mom got up to open the door, she called me and said,

"Allysa,there is something for you , come and see"

I ran to the door, guy at the door handed me some document and two keys.

As I opened the documents,I saw it was a document of an apartment bought in my name and a car registered on my name.The keys were of car and the apartment.

I was dumbstruck by that,I knew who could have done this.

Just I was thinking I got a call,I picked up the phone ad answered,

"Mr Rick,what is this?"

"Sweetie,that apartment is 15 minutes from the office,so you won't be late anytime"

"And why you are showering this generosity on me?"

"It is not generosity,I just can't bear to see my personal assistant living in a penury"


"Also,don't worry its not free,monthly bonus and yearly bonus money will be deducted"


I didn't know what to say,and before I could reply.

He said,"Shift soon,and be on time"

With that he hanged up.


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