His Love Her Hatred

7. Mr rude

After he left my cabin,I qiuckly arranged the file and reviewed the presentation,with that I left my cabin and went to Mr arrogant.

"Sweetie,let's go"

I nodded and we got in the car and headed to williamson enterprises" headquarters.

During the ride we maintained silence,when I asked him, 

"Why don't you take driver with you,I mean you are always driving by yourself",I asked ,cause usually I have seen such high socialites having drivers and bodyguards with them.

But his reply left me speechless,

"What if driver did the accident and I died in that,you are going to take responsibilty for that,here even if I get into the accident,I would be satisfied that I died because of me,there would be no guilt in afterlife"

"..........................",like seriously what a logic.

"What is that look on your face",he said looking at me with all seriousness.

"Um,nothing",what a crazy guy I murmered to myself.

Mr Jefferson and Mr Sean were also following us.

With his AUDI A3,we reached in less than 15 minutes.

Williamsons enterprises was owned by Harris williamson,one of the top  business tycoons in UK. Currently,Richard williamson,son of Mr Harris,is the Vice President of the company,and basically he manages every thing at the company.

As we entered,Mr Richard came to greet and welcome .

"Welcome President Rick"

He looked at me and smiled at me and said to President Rick,

"Umm hmm who is this new girl President Rick"

"She is my personal assistant"

"Whoaaa,the great President Rick has a female assistant"

"Mr Richard, I think you forgot what we are here for"

"Hahaha,yes yes let's go to the conference room"

After meeting ended,I went to the washroom.As I was coming back to life somebody held my hand tightly,and forced me their way,before I could react I saw..............


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