His Love Her Hatred

10.I have to go



''Um yeah every thing is fine'', I forced a smile. 
 After that we left the restaurant, and headed back to company. 

''Mr jefferson, come to my cabin'', I said. 

(In my Cabin)

''Mr jefferson, we donated near about 10 million pounds to Madison Enterprises last year, are their debts cleared? ''

''No sir they still have to pay 6.5m''

''Ask the lawyers to sue their company and we will be leaving for US coming weekend''

''Sure sir, it will be done soon''

''Okay, you may leave now''

Mr Jefferson left the cabin. 

Ross don't you worry, I'll come soon, I murmured to myself. 

I pulled the drawer and picked up a picture frame. It was my family picture Mom, Dad and my younger brother Ross. 

(7 years ago)-.--..................-........

''Mom, please save her, you are among the best cardiologist of America'', I begged to Mom and cried my heart out. 

''Rick, stop crying for that bitch, she doesn't deserve you, she deserved to die... she is dead'', Mrs Jason shouted. 

''Dad, please ask Mom to save her, I'll pay all her debts'', I begged to Dad. 

''Dad, please help Big brother and his friend, she is dying Dad'', Ross after seeing me begged too. 

''Ross, you are young stay out of this matter'', Mr Jason shouted back. 

I picked her up and ran to hospitals after hospitals, nobody was ready to help me. I didn't have enough money or say destiny wanted to drift us apart. 

''Amelia, don't worry you will be all fine, Amelia look at me, open your eyes'', I cried. 

''Rick, please take care of yourself, remember I   love you... And will always do, good bye rick'', with that she closed her eyes. 

''Amelia......... '', I shouted her name with tears continuously falling from my eyes. I 
checked her heart was still beating, but I didn't know what to do, where to go. 

''Big brother'', Ross called me from behind. 

''Ross..... '', I was crying badly. 

''Big brother come with me, I have a friend Lisa, her father is also cardiologist... I called her and explained everything to her she said her dad will definitely help us... Let's hurry up, take Amelia to their hospital'', Ross said hurriedly. 

''Ross... Are you... '',

''Big brother, we will talk the rest later lets go fast''

We drove in Ross' car to St. Joseph Hospital, where Lisa's Dad was doctor. 

(IN THE HOSPITAL)......................................................

''Dr.  Matt, I am Lisa's friend I... ''

''Ross, yes I know everything, first let me examine her.... I'll see you in minutes''



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