His Love Her Hatred

11. Past always have a deep impact on present

After few minutes doctor, Dr Matt came out. 

''Dr Matt, how is she? '', Ross asked worriedly. 

I stood there lifelessly, like I'm already dead with numb senses. 

''Um, Ross she has CAD(coronary artery disease) in her heart also, she has a birth hole in her heart, um, I need to perform an immediate surgery but.... '', Dr Matt paused. 

''But what Dr Matt.... '',  I said with aching heart. 

''Um... Its very complicated state... the surgery should have been done earlier... its really too late... Its should have been done years ago... I seriously can't guarantee her life'', Dr Matt said looking tensed. 

''Dr Matt please save her, please save her, she is my life.... '', I said with stuttering voice, tears in my eyes and aching heart holding Dr Matt hands. 

''I will... try my best, please calm down'', Dr Matt left. 

Amelia was put to Operation theatre, the surgery lasted nearly 4 hours. After that door opened and Dr Matt came out. 

I immediately ran to him and asked him, 

''Dr Matt, how is Amelia....? ''

''Surgery is successful, but her heart is quite weak for now... more over we have to wait for next 48 hours till she wakes up''

''Dr Matt Thankyou, I can never repay your kindness.... '', I sobbed. 

''Its fine son, I just hope she get fine soon, take care''

After that Dr Matt left. 

''Big brother...she will be fine '', Ross said trying to console me

''Ross, she will be fine na.. I won't be able to live with her'', I said. 

''Yes, she will be, come now have something to eat... or you will get your self sick... then how you are going to take care of your Amelia'', ... Ross said. 

I nodded and went with him to hospital cafeteria. 

(At midnight, in ICU room)

I was holding Amelia's hands and said, 

''Amy, Please wake up love''

''You remember the first time we met, I still remember, how cold and arrogant you were to me, but your smile was enough to melt anyone's heart'', I smiled remembering our sweet first meeting, wiping my tears. 

Suddenly there was a beep from a machine, Amelia started to breathe heavily, I got tensed and immediately called doctors. 


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