His Love Her Hatred

17 Friends Reunion

"You woke up,come let's have breakfast",President Rick said with his usual cold face.

"You made all this??"

"Have seen anyone else here?"

".......", Can't this guy gave a straight answer ,will he die if he will reply nicely... ,I murmured to myself.

"My Mom also prepared breakfast and invited you as well"

"Call your mom here too ,I have made enough things"

"Um that's okay ,I never thought you know how to cook food,after and all you are the CEO and President when did you get the time to learn all these",I said.

"I learnt these ,this morning from YouTube"

"......................",I looked at him in disbelief. Is he crazy.

"Um....why did you take so much pain"

"I was bored,wanted to try something new",he replied without even looking at me.


It was quite difficult to talk to this Mr arrogant guy.

After having breakfast ,we came out and drove to company together.

It was 1 pm and as decided I have to meet Lydia. I left the office and texted him the address ,I decided to meet her at sunset cafe,it was quite lowkey and less crowdy.

After few minutes ,Lydia arrived she was wearing a black tshirt and blue jeans,quite simple look,but she was looking dazzling ,she has got nice features and even without makeup she looks quite attractive. She ran to me in excitement and we both hugged for a while ,we both went emotional.

"Ally ,my darling how's you",she asked while hugging me.

"Lyds,babe,missed you"

We sat down and started chit chatting. After a while ,Lydia's phone rang,she smile looking at phone and said to me,"He's here,...Ally , Justin is here"

"Justin??,Oh my god girl,you guys are dating?????",I couldn't suppress my surprise at the name of Justin.

"Yeah,Ally I told you that you will be shocked",she chuckled.

Justin was one of the most popular guy of our high school and Lydia and Justin were quite like enemies back in school then.I was good friends with Justin but Lydia hated him.

"Hey, Allyysa",Justin greeted me with smile.

"Hey,Justin,good to see you",I smiled back.

"Congratulations guys,it's really a huge surprise"

"Haha,even I can't believe yet",Justin chuckled.

"Hahahah",I laughed.

We three began chatting.

"Um,Allyssa are you in touch with Ryan??",Justin suddenly asked in between.

The name took away the smile on my face and I frozed for a moment.


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