His Love Her Hatred

19. Dinner with boss

"Aren't you over reacting Lyd",I furrowed my brows.

"Obviously not,do you know how famous personality he's, how much turnover his company has every year, the number seems unreal",Lydia told me.

"I know",I said uncasually.

"And one of my friend applied in the head branch but she got rejected ,basically she applied because she had eyes on Mr Rick",Lydia laughed.

"Oh my goodness",I too laughed.

"And gosh,you're getting an invitation of dinner from such cold personality ,I heard he doesn't like to have any unmarried girl at his company ,he's quite weird.",Lydia told me.

"Ahem",I coughed,"really, now I understand why I never find any girl of my age there,ha...he sure is weird"

"Well,every one has a story to tell...we just can't judge without knowing anything ",Lydia said.

"Ha,true",I nodded in agreement.

I looked at watch it was already 6:45 pm,so we decided part and promised to have a meet very soon because Lydia won't be staying for long in London.

By the time I reached home it was already 8.

"Mom,I am having dinner at my boss' place",I told my mom.

"Um,any occasion?",my mom asked out of curiosity.

"No,mom,I don't know,he's weird",I said in tired tone.

"Your boss seem quite intrested in you,I think he's nice guy,you must give him a chance, then you surely not have to worry about anything in life,I too can have peace after you get married",Mom kept blabbering.

"Mom,are you kidding me...no way,he is just my boss,and nothing else,most importantly I don't even like him a bit...what a terrible guy,ahhhmm",I said like my head was about to explode after what I heard from mom. Marry some one like him,damn,I would better die single.

After I changed I knocked at his door,but found that door was already unlocked. I called him out,

"President Rick,are you there??"

"Come in",a low voice came in cold ,distant tone.

I walked in ,but didn't find him,so I walked towards the kitchen.

I glanced inside ,he was in white apron,with his white shirt sleeves rolled,beads of sweat on his forehead ,his profile was just too captivating to be ignored,he looked dashing, like anybody can fall for him until he speaks in his cold,arrogant tone.

"What are you looking at??",he questioned.

"Umm...ah..nothing",I came back in senses with his question.

"I want to say something and ask you...",before I could complete my question he said

"You want to say, that I look devilishly handsome in kitchen and you almost fall in love with me ,and you want to ask if I can accpet your proposal ??",he said looking very serious, and grin.


"President Rick,you sure have a good imagination,you aren't that handsome ",I said moving away my gaze.

"Enough to make you stare atleast",he chuckled.


"I wasn't star...ring at you anyway",I stuttered.

"You don't find me handsome??,fine no monthly bonus for you then"


"Are you even human?",what kind of guy he's.

"Haha,I like it when you bicker in anger,anyway I'm done let's have dinner"

I helped him arrange the dishes on table,and suddenly my phone rang.


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