Hustle In Love


"Love what you do , you will learn to excel then"


“As your senior , I would not recommend you to arrive after the celebrity” Kathy Rose said as Kathy sat down 

“Nice to meet you Ms.Rose” Kathy said plastering a fake but wide smile onto her face 

Kathy Rose nodded nonchalantly , making Kathy take a deep breath  

“Would you like to order now or after the intervi-” Kathy started to ask K.Rose cut her off and replied 

“Let’s finish off first” K.Rose said almost annoyed 

‘Bitch’ Kathy thought to herself as she opened her clutch and removed her tiny recorder from inside  

“I didn’t think people used that ancient thing still” K.Rose commented amused  

Kathy just sighed and nodded towards the recorder, switching it on. 

“The infamous Kathy Rose is here with us today” Kathy said as she brought out her small note pad that she fit into her clutch and flipped it open , getting her pen from her tux pocket and clicked it 

Kathy Rose cleared her throat “What a pleasure to be interviewed by younger talents like yourself Ms. Kathy”  

Kathy blinked for a moment, registering Kathy Rose’s sickly-sweet voice that she had switched to from an unbothered gruff tone 

“The pleasure is mine , to be interviewing the infamous Kathy Rose” Kathy said with an untertone of sarcasm 

Kathy quickly continued “I would say everyone is surprised that you have finally stepped into politics but I think we were all aware of your interest and opinion on politics”  

K.Rose spoke with a poker face but sounded like she was smiling, Kathy noticed this … talent of her’s and smirked to herself ‘She’s something else’ Kathy thought as she heard Kathy Rose campaign about herself and everything she does right. 

Kathy was starting to space out as she continued nodding while she gave K.Rose a chance to rant and maybe spill something.  

This is what she loved about interviewing people like K.Rose, she didn’t have to do much , just give them the centre stage and wait for them to dig their own grave and catch them in the act. 

Just as Kathy was thinking of this , she heard K.Rose say “ And I have close relations with Milis Theo so I don’t thin-”  

Kathy smirked to herself and waited for K.Rose to finish her sentence before adding “So Ms. Ros e, would you like speaking some more about the close relations you have with Milis Theo?” She asked 

Milis Theo was an important political person who could be a very crucial person in getting into the political party and in the position that K.Rose had joined. 

“Uhm he’s a good friend , we have to be on good terms if we have to work together for the greater good” K.Rose reasoned 

Kathy knew that Rose wanted her to notice this detail, she loved the thrill , the attention, which is why, to no one’s surprise , she was here 

“I see... pretty convenient having friends with power , isn’t it?” Kathy said with a smile 

“The world has to run you see, everyone is someone’s husband and someone’s son” K.Rose said thoughtfully 

“Are you trying to say something here Ms. Rose?”Kathy asked  

“You will find out” K.Rose said and smirked 


-At Kathy’s house , 8:30pm- 

Kathy and Cade were sitting on Kathy’s couch , the tension high as they... 




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