I Hate Love Story


Nikhil looked like a crazy person. He was looking for alisha.....he looked all over the hospital, but he couldn't find her anywhere, so he looked at CCTV footage..... He saw Alisha was going out of her ward... actually she was pretending to be unconscious because she wanted Nikhil to move away from her and Nikhil didn't expect this happening....she ran from hospital...!

Nikhil angrily banged his hand on the CCTV, " Alisha, why do you keep doing this....? Your activities make me angry...! what do you think that I can't find you....?? your wrong about me... because again I will find you and bring you back into my life...! what kind of childish activity you have done....why don't you understand how much you will run away from me that much closer I will come near you....? everything would be fine....I would take care of you.....I would marry you, but you have made a mistake by running away.... Our togetherness is inseparable just like river Ganga and Yamuna they are inseparable.... even if we can't be separated, where you will go away from me....?

Alisha without stopping she was running, her hand was paining very much, but she didn't want to stop.

She kept running and she thought to herself, "if I will not be yours you will die right, you can't live without me then die now....!! I will never come in front of you, let's see how long you will be alive....? I will find peace only and only after your death, to come close to me you did all this right.....now show me by getting me....! I will be someone's else, but I will never accept you...!!"

You destroyed my life by killing my parents because of your craziness....I am wandering around on the street because of you, now it's time even you will be destroyed by your own love....! I will never fall in love with you ever, but if you're one sided in love you will lose everything..... I don't know who said that love is the world's most beautiful thing...for me love is punishment, it's a throne of necklace....I lost everything...!

Nikhil called up Ankit and asked him to search Alisha.... Ankit sent his men everywhere to look for alisha.

Mrs Chaudhary, saw nikhil was in tension she asked him and she came to know that Alisha had ran away....Mrs Chaudhary, was very happy hearing this news....she went to Mr Chaudhary's ward room to tell him the good news when he heard he was also very happy and he took a deep breath of relief....that she is away from their son life....!

After running for a while she stood in a place to take rest...there was no sign of a single person also, but she saw a truck coming. She ran and got into the truck and she hid herself..... while getting on the truck she used her wounded hand for support due to which it was paining even more, but she didn't give up.

Alisha hid herself in the truck and she thought that wherever this truck driver stops next she will get down and run away....!

In search of Alisha, Ankit's men were looking for her, but until now nobody could find her, Nikhil sat on the bench and no moment he fell asleep....

All of sudden Nikhil wakes up and calls Ankit...


Ankit---"yess buddy...!"

Nikhil---" tell me what i want to listen... did you find her...?"

Ankit took a deep breath and said---"I couldn't find her, buddy...!"

Nikhil instantly said----"what do you mean... you couldn't find her, where will she go from hospital, she might have gone to her house or she might be hidden in the farm...she don't have any relatives that she will go...!"

Ankit laughed and said----"she ran from hospital and she is not fool that she will return back here....she is not around here and anyways, I have sent my men's to her house and farm, I have ordered them to keep eye on her....if she will come near her home then we can catch her..., but I don't think she will come...!"

Nikhil closed his eyes for sometime and controlled himself and said----"whether she comes or not, wherever she went....she is on this earth itself, I will find her anyway...!"

Here Alisha as the truck stopped she looked at the watch, it was 3:30 AM....where she got down the place was surrounded by a farm....Alisha started running.... After running some far away on an empty street she saw....in the middle of the street was a big mansion....!

Alisha was very tired after running for a long time, it's been two days and she didn't eat or drink anything..... even her health was weak, she walked towards that house and before entering she looked all over...!

There were no one so she scaredly went inside and thought, "don't know who's house is this, it's such a huge house and it's kept opened, anyways, it's not my problem if I get some water to drink...after drinking water i will go back....I am not able to open my eyes, I'm fainting...water...!"

Alisha crossed the lawn and she entered from where lights were coming, it was such a big room. Alisha while walking she tried to open her eyes..... she got dashed with something and fell on the floor and she wasn't able to get up due to hunger, pain, and tiredness she fainted..!

Amit woke up in the morning his head was aching, as he was about to get up, he felt heaviness in his leg he was shocked he sat and saw a girl leg was on him, he couldn't see the face because it was covered with hair....Amit stretched his hand towards her, but next moment he pulled back...at last Amit hesitantly, stretched his hand towards her to see who it was... as alisha shook her shoulder Amit suddenly pulled his hand back and he shook his leg away from her and stood up, Alisha opened her eyes and sat up.

"you...! you....!" Amit and Alisha both of them together spoke.

What are you doing here....?? again both of them spoke together, Amit caught his head and looked at the other side and said----" Rahem chacha, Rahem chacha...have you come....?"

"yes sir....! I have kept lemon water on the table...!" Rahem chacha said from outside of the room.

Amit stared at her and said----"you ! what are you doing here...? I don't care...! just get out of my house...!"

Alisha looked shocked at him and thought , " my house...? this is his house...?"

Alisha understood that at night she dashed with something and fell down...it was actually Amit who had fallen down !

Amit went to his room and drank lemon water, and he banged his head trying to remember that when did she come here and how....?"

" I remember that I came home alone and I was drunk... I left the door open and went to the bathroom to shower, but due to being over drunk I fell on the floor.....whole time I was alone, she wasn't with me....then when did she come here and why....?"

"Rahim chacha" Amit called him again!

Rahem chacha while coming he said---"Yesss..!"

Amit indicated towards the bathroom and said----"throw her out of the house, I want to use the washroom!

Rahem chacha scaredly asked---"is she with you...!"

" She is not with me, have you seen me with any girl till today...!"Amit instantly asked.

Rahem chacha---"noo...!"

Amit---"then take her out....!"

Alisha heard them both talking so she stood up, but she wasn't able to stand.....she anyhow came till the room and said----"if this is your house then let me stay here as a PG... please...!"

Amit without looking at her carelessly said---"I am not in that bad situation that We THAKUR'S will keep a paying guest to look after me... you can go from here....!"

Alisha requested again---"but I am in need...!"

Amit walked towards her and said-----"and I don't need at all....!"

"But...!" Alisha looked at him and wanted to say before that amit caught her hand and dragged her out of the house.

Alisha didn't say anything, Amit caught her hand in which hand she got a bullet shot and it was hurting her.... Amit couldn't see because her hand was covered with dupatta....Alisha wasn't able to walk properly, because of running at night continuously she was weak and even her hand was hurting.



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