I Hate Love Story


Amit poured some drop of water on Alisha's face...she opened her eyes.....!

Amit stretched his hand towards Alisha to help in standing...Alisha looked at him, but she didn't hold his hand, she stood by herself so Amit looked at his hand.

Alisha saw him acting weird she asked--"what happened...?"

Amit put his hand on his pants pocket and said-----"I was seeing if there were any thorns in my hand.....so that you could get hurt by holding my hand....!"

Alisha shockingly said----"thrones...!"

Amit---"hmmmm throns...! I never hold girls hand...,but looking at your health for the first time I put my hand forward to help a girl..., but you didn't hold my hand...so I thought maybe thorns were inserted in my hand...!"

Alisha without saying anything she was about to go inside...amit said----"listen...!"

Alisha stood for sometime and she said----" we will talk later...!"

As she went inside even Amit went back to her and said---" now...!"

Alisha---" I said....."

Amit stopped her and said---"it's been 7 days you are staying here, I can't keep anyone just like that.... something should be clear...!"

Alisha looked at his eyes and she stammered and said----"so....you.... trying to say that.....I should leave....!!"

Amit seriously said---"I don't want to say anything, first I would like to listen....!"

Alisha asked again-----"from where you heard that my parents are dead..... you didn't get full information from there...!"

Amit---"I didn't get into much details...I heard from Mayank, that he said Muskaan told him about your parents death news and even that you're absconding....!"

Alisha shockingly said----"after knowing all this you think that I killed my parents....?"

Amit said instantly----"it's obvious... your hand is wounded due to a bullet shot, and you run away from the house...! your parents suddenly died two days ago....what will I think.....?"

Alisha went and sat on the sofa.... even Amit sat in front of her...

Alisha started speaking----"I don't know whether you remember or not....on the day of Muskaan didi's wedding along with you one more guy was dancing with me....he is the reason for my parents death.....! because of him my parents died.....and I was wandering around the street and came here, and about the gun shot on my hand it's because I took gun and went to his house to kill him, but his father came in between and one of his man shot bullet at my  hand so that I would drop the gun...!!"

Alisha kept quiet so Amit thought to himself----"she is a dangerous girl, she even knows to shoot...!"

When Amit didn't say anything then Alisha spoke again----" I need a shelter to stay....I don't have money at moment, but when I will get a job I will pay you the rent, I know we have to pay in advance to stay as PG...as I don't have job I can work as servant in your house...!

Amit smiled and said----"already Rahim chacha is there to do all this work....I don't need any servant and I don't have any interest to keep any PG, we Thakur to keep PG we built different houses... in which house we stay we don't allow paying guests...!"

Alisha---"so what do you accept...?"

Amit asked an answer with a question----"do you dare to listen....!"

Alisha shook her head---"hmmm....! tell me...!"

Amit looked at her face and said----"after listening you won't faint right....if you don't wish then leave it, let's talk some other time about this topic...!"

Alisha said instantly----"nooo.... not another time, tell me.....I want to listen today....!"

Amit looked at her and he said-----"think again....!"

Alisha---"I don't want to think, there is no time to think...now I have to understand and do.... tell me....!"

Amit took one deep breath and said---"become the owner of this house...!"

Alisha confusingly said----"what do you mean...!"

Amit sat straight and put his hands on his legs and said----"get married to me...!"

Alisha looked shockingly at amit, she was angry at him..

There was no changes in Amit's behaviour, he again said---"in family only my grandpa and I am there, he wants me to get married, but I am not interested.....due to tension he is sick.... whenever he comes here.... he comes suddenly, he never informs me...and if he comes here and sees you he will be upset....he will think that I do wrong things and due to which I don't want to get married.....and I won't be able to handle this, you can't go to your house and I will not keep you here without any relation....

You need a shelter to stay and my grandfather wants a daughter-in-law.....I have always ignored his words and now when I have got the opportunity I want to fulfill his wish....only we need to sign the paper and we will be considered wife and husband in front of everyone... anyways, you will be in profit because society doesn't leave unmarried girl to live in peace...and even if girl lives with a guy alone people misinterpreted them.... you don't have to listen to all this...I can understand that you might get angry at me thinking what kind of person am that I'm using you for my own good... your free to think anything about me.....I am ready to give you a surname, there is no need to keep any relationship...our relationship will be till paper, I am not going to fill your forehead with sindoor.....for you girls more important is sindoor to consider as married..... you will be free from all this....! Only in front of my grandfather do we have to act as a happily married couple....!

You will not interfere in my life and you will not enter my room, you will be staying at my out house....when my grandfather comes here then you can stay here..!

I am not in a hurry, just think over all this take your time and tell me....if your answer is yes....! then you will be living life peacefully.... you wanted to be a servant, but I am giving you the honour of being the owner of this house... what else you need.....?"

Amit got up and as he was about to go Alisha said---"you have a lot of attitude...!"

Amit stopped and said---"it's not an attitude...!"

He went to his room and Alisha covered her face with her hand and sat....."this is the world, everyone sees their profit.... without profit nobody helps anyone....? This is also true..... that I need shelter and and I am very protective here.....it's only a matter of paper....I will be living in peace...!

If ever I meet Nikhil to get rid of him I can show him this paper, he used to say that I am only his and I can't be anyone else.... then I will show him by accepting someone else...! I will break his heart , he will be destroyed in love....! one who has destroyed me I curse you from bottom of my heart that your love will leave you nowhere...!"

Amit slept on his bed and thought, "if she says "yes...!" then I won't have any burden of grandfather's hope...it will be normalised and there will be no problem, three of us (grandfather, amit and Alisha) will be happy in our own life...!

Alisha was walking around the house and said----"okay, i will do court marriage ....! ,but forget about living in peace....I will trouble you so much after all Alisha Singh is my name, taking advantage of my problem and you want to marry me.... I will not let you live in peace....never.....! let your grandfather come, in front of him I will take out all your attitude....!"

Till evening amit and Alisha didn't come in front of each other..!

At evening Amit was sitting on the lawn, so Alisha came out, Amit looked at her...she was coming towards him...! Amit's heart was beating fast...Alisha came in front of him and she said-----"I'm not yet 20....it's still 3 days to go!

Amit said slowly----"so you're saying yes...!"

Alisha looked at his eyes and said----"yess...! when I will be 20 -years -old I will do a court marriage with you...!"

Amit laughed and said----ok...!"

Alisha got irritated by his laugh and she said----"what type of person are you..! a girl who has lost her parents and she hasn't come out of the trauma.... to give her shelter you put forward a condition and you're laughing..... what has been achieved by all this....?

Amit smiled and said----" listen to me...! whatever happened with you...?why should I worry, I only think about myself.... nobody is immortal in this world.... everyone die one day.... your parents died it's nothing new....!'

"Enough...!" Alisha screamed.

"Lower your voice....!" even Amit screamed, "listen...! in front of me don't speak in high pitch, don't even think that you have done some favor to me by saying Yes......! whatever you have done for own profit.....I didn't force you to say yess....and if I want I can drag you out of my house and throw you on the street....I don't follow anyone's wish, if you have thoughts that by saying yes you have rights on me then better forget it....! Amit Thakur, listens to himself and do everything what he wants to do in life.... because of contract marriage nothing's gonna be changed, whatever you want to do your free to do...if you want to do job go and find one...I will not stop you...only when my grandfather comes in front of him you have to behave properly....!"

Even Alisha said----"from today onwards even if you won't speak about my parents, if they're not in this world it doesn't mean you will disrespect them...!"


Alisha----"yes... because you don't deserve respect....!"

Amit ran his hand through his hair and laughed and said----"it will be fun...I am not making any mistake by giving you the Thakur surname.... you have the attitude of the Thakur...!"

Alisha stared at him so Amit said----"don't stare at me... you may fall in love with me...."

Alisha---"don't even take the "LOVE" words in front of me, I hate this word...!"

Amit smiled and said----"you hate the word love...! I have heard for the first time...why...? how have you ever fallen in love...?"

Alisha stared at him and she said----"it's not important to do everything, you start hating by seeing it, it's ruined the normal life.....! some become hopeless...and some restless....!some are angry...and some are shocked...! some are happy and some are sad....!

Alisha is saddened and she says---"some people because of love they destroy someone's happy life.... everything gets destroyed...life becomes different, we think something and it turns out to be tragedy....! we want something else, but we get the opposite of it...! all the dreams get crushed in front of them...!"

Amit gave her a glass of water and said---" drink it...!"

Alisha----"you drink it... even if I have hands I can take myself...!"

Amit laughed and opened the water bottle cap and he drank the water...so alisha stood up and went inside and murmured---"shameless...!"

After Alisha went inside the house.... Amit sat on the swing and said-----"finally everything is sorted.... everyone's wishes will be fulfilled, grandfather will get a daughter-in-law, Alisha will get a house to stay...and I will be in peace....!"

Alisha came out after drinking water. She went to the lawn to water the plants.... Amit looked at her and said--- to himself----"she has an attitude problem....!"

Rahem chacha, came out with a cup of coffee and he gave it to Amit....and he ordered to give a cup of coffee to Alisha also....!

Rahem chacha went towards Alisha and asked---"will you like to drink anything tea....or coffee... Madam...?"

Alisha looked at Rahim chacha...she shook her head, again Rahem chacha said----"don't feel hesitate.... you have to stay here itself so feel free to eat and drink.....tell me what you wish to drink I will make for you...!"

Alisha said-----"one cup of tea...!" thank you...!"

"sure madam...!" I will make it for you....!" Rahem chacha said and went to the kitchen...!

"she is a very hot tempered person, and attitude.... your name should be tea....!" Amit stood in front of her and said

Alisha too looked at him and she said----"don't be bothered about my name.....I am very happy with my name....!"

Amit took a sip of coffee and said-----"listen whatever your name is.....! today, it's not raining so you better go to market and buy some clothes for yourself...!"

Alisha stared at him and she said----"don't act to be over smart, my name is Alisha Singh.... your name might be anything.....! and anyways, I am not going anywhere...!"

Amit laughed and said----"you mean to say that you're more comfortable in my clothes and you don't want to throw them....!"

At the same time Rahem chacha brought a cup of tea for alisha...she took the tea and said to amit--"You're mocking me, so much of pride is not good.....!"

Amit was now serious and he said-----"listen to me girl! whatever I say is not a joke, buy some clothes for yourself....I will ask the driver to drop you to market, go by car if you are scared....!"

Alisha took a sip of tea and she said----"I am not scared of anybody....!, but I don't wish to go in front of anyone.....and they might be still looking for me....!"

Amit looked at her and he said---" I like your confidence....!"

Alisha looked at him and she said---"aren't you scared, the girl who is in lots of trouble and  to give her shelter...!

Amit too looked at her and she said---"what do you think...?"

Alisha shook her and said----"I don't know....still I haven't understood you properly...!"

Amit---"you will never be able to understand me because I don't want any to understand me.....! and the matter of allowing you to stay at my house...it's my wish whom I won't invite to stay... Even though I am not scared of anyone, I don't like to get in a fight for no reason, but if anybody tries to mess with me I know to handle it in my way....! I only concentrate on myself and I have no interest in interfering on others' matters...!"

Alisha---"in one word to describe you is that you're selfish....!"

Amit---"of course.....! Everyone in the world is selfish, except for a few people.....! they only pretend to act that they are not selfish and I accept for what I am....  I am selfish....!"

Alisha looked at his eyes and said----"you're a heartless person...!"

Amit's facial expressions were changed, he looked serious and he said----"Yesss...I am a heartless person....! I don't have any desire for myself.....and I don't value others desires too, I don't have any sympathy feelings for others because sympathy drags people to empty streets...!"

Alisha stared at him and without saying anything she went inside the house, Rahem chacha was standing behind him looking at Amit and Amit looked away. He sat on the swing in silence...!

Next morning.....! as alisha finished having her breakfast she was about to go to her room...one lady entered, she had brought some dresses...!"

Before Alisha could say something...amit said----"select some dresses for yourself....!"

Alisha saw that amit was standing at the door and before she could say something again Amit spoke----"no argument, do as I say....am standing outside....!"

Amit went away then Alisha selected 2 simple dresses for herself and she kept aside...the girl took out the measuring tape, but Alisha stopped her by saying, "there is no need for this...!"

Girl----"sir's order...!"

Alisha said----"it's not important.... you can go....!"

"she will not go anywhere....!" Amit while entering the house he said...!"

Alisha wanted to say something, but she kept quiet and looked at Amit...!

Amit without looking at the girl said---"go outside for 2 minutes...!"

That girl went out then Amit walked and sat on the sofa and said, "don't show tantrums....give the measurement and finish off the work....!"

Alisha instantly said----"I don't want to give measurement.....I wanted to buy a dress and I have got it!

Amit----"do as I said, this is my house.... you have to follow my order...!"

Alisha instantly said----"the house is yours, but the body is mine.... and it's my wish to give measurement or not.....!"

Amit stood up and said----" listen don't argue with me, she has come to take measurement better give her your measurement...or else...!"

Alisha---"or else what....?"

Amit looked at her eyes and said----" you won't listen to me right....!"


"Listen....!" Amit looked at Alisha and he called the girl inside

Amit stared at Alisha and he asked the girl---"give me the measurement tape...!"

Alisha looked at him and took the measuring tape from his hand...Alisha controlled her angry and said, "fine, I am giving the measurement....! you go out...!"

Amit took 2 steps forward, but he stopped and he stood in front of Alisha, looked at her and raised his eyebrows in a playful manner as if he was saying, "how did you like it...!"

He ran his hand through his hair and went away, Alisha let the girl take her measurement and then the girl went away...!

After the girl left Alisha went straight to amit and she said----"what do you think of yourself....?"

Amit---"I know what I am...!"

Alisha---"you didn't do right by forcing me...!"

Amit---" what's right and wrong..... It's not important to know from you....!"

Alisha---"nobody is right all the time...!"

Amit---"you can go from here....I am not in the mood for a lecture...!"

While going Alisha murmured, "what type of guy he is....?"

Amit too said----"even if you search in the dark you will not find my type of guy....!"




Some days passed and today was Alisha's parents death anniversary, how she will do pooja and rest of the rituals thinking about all this.... Alisha wasn't able to sleep the whole night...as it was dawn...Alisha fell asleep...!

Morning when she woke up she took a bath and went out...she saw the lawn was well decorated and a pandit was present with all kinds of items required in pooja...!

She went and sat to perform the rituals....she cried by remembering her parents, but at the same time she would control her emotions and continued performing the rituals.

When the rituals were completed she ran inside the house and searched for amit, but he was not to be found.....so alisha went to Rahem chacha!

"Chacha have you seen amit....?" Alisha asked

Rahem chacha---"he went out early morning dear...!"


Rahim chacha----"he went to office....once in a week he goes....!"


Rahim chacha----" if you have any work... do let me know....!"

Alisha---"nooo... nothing....!"


At the Dignath Chaudhary's house......

Nikhil from early morning itself he sent his men to Alisha house and at her farm to keep an eye on her...hoping today, she will definitely come to her house to perform the rituals...after waiting for while Nikhil was losing his patiences...!

Now it was evening and Nikhil started throwing up the things everywhere....he was completely out of control he said, "no one is good for anything, so many days passed and yet none of you could find her, where has she gone...? she might be somewhere around here...for what purpose I am giving you all money....! why couldn't you find her till now....?" why....?"

In anguish Nikhil started beating some of his men...so Ankit stopped him and said-----"have you gone mad....?"

Nikhil was very angry and he looked at Ankit and he said-----"I am not yet mad, but very soon I will become mad if I won't be able to find her.... even if you're not able to do anything, nothing.....go away from here, just go.....!"

Ankit forcefully hugged Nikhil and said----"I am trying my best buddy, it can't be possible that I won't do anything for you....! I care for you a lot....! Everyone is try to find her just have patiences, she purposely isn't coming in front of you....she is taking advantage of your love....why don't you try to forget her forever...?"

"At the beginning I tried to forget her forever...., but she kept coming in my memories.... and now it's not possible to forget her" Nikhil said while hugging ankit...!"

Ankit---"take care of yourself buddy.....! in which direction have you moved into..... why don't you return back, love is destruction...!"

Nikhil-----"love is destruction or whatever...now it's not possible to forget her....!"

Ankit---" sit and drink water....!"

Nikhil looked at Ankit and said----" it's been so long....I am feeling sophisticated, I want to meet her....! if you are thinking that I will forget her and so you aren't searching her properly then you are wrong... because she has captured me in her love, now I can't get rid of her..... bring her to me buddy....!"

Ankit---"I will allot some more men to find her....I will do something.....,but till then please control your anger...!"

Nikhil hugged ankit....

Ankit thought to himself-----"it's better to live as a bad person in this world,  there is no value for a nice person.....what was Nikhil and what he has become....? People say that love is related to heart...,but here people are killing people in love..!


Here at Amit's house.....

Alisha waited for Amit and fell asleep, but Amit didn't come home, he came home very late and he opened the door by himself and came inside, outside sitting at the lawn Rahim chacha was about to ask something, but in between Amit stopped him..!

He went straight to the bathroom to take shower, in the living room on the sofa Alisha was sleeping.....amit didn't pay any attention to her... he looked at her once...!"

After taking shower , Amit went to the lawn . Rahem chacha served him food, he started eating so Reham chacha said----"madam was asking about you since morning....! if you say shall I wake her up....?

"Leave it....!" Amit said while eating...!"

"Even if she didn't eat anything...!" Rahem chacha spoke again

"When she is awake she will eat.... the whole world is dependent on hunger, this hunger doesn't let anyone live in peace....!"

Amit ate silently and even Rahem chacha was now quiet...!

After eating as Amit entered inside Alisha woke up and she saw amit going towards his room she got up from the sofa and said----"I wanted to talk to you.... about this morning...!"

"Rahim chacha I am very tired and I am sleepy, nobody should disturb me now....! Amit completely ignored alisha and he went to his room, he closed the door...!"

"What does he think of himself, I wasn't going to propose to him...I only wanted to say thank you.....why he is having so much attitude....?" Alisha murmured



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