I Hate Love Story


When Amit woke up in the morning...he saw Alisha, she sleeping while sitting on the floor....and he didn't realized that he slept on her lap last night...he quickly got up and again closed his eyes and massaged his head and thought, " what had happened to me yesterday, how could I come so close to her...? how did I sleep on her lap....? why couldn't I be away from her....? why was I not able to think properly yesterday...my all angriness vanished by her one hug...!"

Amit again looked at Alisha...her face was bowed down one sided..so her half face was covered with her hair...Amit couldn't stop staring at her...after a while he walked out of the room and he said to himself, "you have no rights to have any wish...be away from people... don't be habituated of someone and don't forget that your Amit Thakur...!"

He went outside and sat on the swing...Rahim chacha, gave him coffee, Amit thought to himself, "I never felt like this before..., in these some years, months, and days I have never stayed with anyone, have always found myself lonely; all of sudden why does she make me feel like she is my own sometimes...? why did all my anger suddenly vanish in front of her yesterday...? how can I be so sober in front of her...even during the toughest time I can bravely face all the wound...every sadness...every pain I can bear it that too with smile, I never got broken due to any pain...! how can I become weak in front someone...?" Amit drank coffee and went inside.

When Alisha worked up she didn't see anyone around, as she got up her legs were aching, when she wasn't able to stand...she again sat down...! whole night..Amit had slept on her lap because of sitting in one position her leg was paining...!

She again stood after sometime...as she walked slowly she saw Amit standing at the room...! as she walked she started faltering, but she balanced herself...but again she fell holding her leg...Amit didn't even help her...!

When Alisha looked at him...he moved away from the door, Alisha didn't call him instead she quietly watched him go and she thought, "how I helped him yesterday...how could I hug him yesterday....? why didn't I feel any awkwardness...? being close to him as my heart starts beating... yesterday I didn't feel anything for him... why....?"

Alisha came out and she went to her room, after getting a fresh took shower.. she came out...Rahem had got tea for her...Alisha, took the tea cup and she looked all over, but Amit wasn't there...!


At Dignath Chaudhary's house...

Here Nikhil was lost in Alisha's thoughts, every day and night he would be struggling...At morning he would punch his hand on the punching bag and thought, " your torturing me so much even one percent do you feel it...? you never go away from my memory, do you even remember me....? how especial you're for me even I don't know, but I find myself very helpless...! even your away from me yet I feel am attached to you...what makes us feel attached to each other, my love power or your hatred feeling towards me.....!! you hate me is it necessary to say...? is it necessary to avoid me...? why don't you come back.....!

Your memories are also like you killer... accept me forever or else if death takes me away...?? Nikhil Chaudhary, had never learnt to give up in life, but I am ready to bow down in front of you.....I get a headache, you're in my mind, I am not able to live after meeting you...! why do you think that my love is fake, why don't you respect my feelings for you....? why don't you meet me...? stop torturing me and come back into my life...!! I have forgotten myself in your love, I have no connection with the worldly things....am busy thinking only about you....from outside am silent and inside me there is lot of noise...I am dead almost being away from you....! am lifeless because your gone... you tell me what should I do...?"

When Ankit came... Nikhil came out of his thoughts and got ready and went on drive..!

Here Alisha was thinking about Amit, "he is not that serious person...how he presents himself in front of others...! deep eyed person actually he is broken inside, but he presents himself as a strong..! he doesn't get connected with people more often, he isn't upset with others, but he is upset with himself! maybe even he has some bitter experience in his life...!"

Amit was now normal, but today Alisha was looking at Amit, she was trying to understand him and whenever he looked at her...she would pretend to act strange and she wouldn't look at him.... Amit was aware of her behaviour and now he was irritated by Alisha for staring at him and pretending to act as innocent...!

In the evening, when Amit came to the lawn...Alisha looked at him; he silently sat on the swing and drank coffee and checked some files, Alisha was looking at him continuously.... when Amit looked at her she ignored him...amit was busy checking his file...!

Alisha didn't stop looking at him...she again started observing him, Amit arrogantly looked at her...Alisha smiled at him, but when amit didn't responded by smile...she looked away from him...so even Amit looked away from her and thought , " I have to stop her, since morning she is irritating me, it's too much now...!!"

Alisha for sometime she didn't looked at Amit instead she was playing with the plants...and when she turned to look at Amit...he was standing right behind her....alisha hurriedly, turned away from her, but Amit caught her hand and turned towards him and he said, " any problem....?"

Alisha was not able to speak in fear, she just shook in "Nooo'...! her head.

Amit said--"then why are you acting so weird since this morning...?"

Alisha shockingly said, " why..? nothing's wrong with me, as usual...!"

Amit kept his hand on the wall and said---"listen..! don't try to act smart with me, whatever you do better stop it....! don't try to interfere in my life..."

"I am not trying to do anything..!" by saying Alisha tried to move from him...Amit caught her hand..Alisha looked at him...he was already staring at her.

Amit said--"since morning I am watching your activities, don't try to act innocent with me....! i am not a book that you're studying me and you're gonna write an exam...!"

When Alisha was caught for her behaviour yet she said--"why should I read you....?"

Amit said--" Exactly...! even I want to know why are you staring at me since morning...?"

"I am not doing anything...!" Alisha said and as she was about to go again Amit caught her hand and said, "listen to me...! whatever you did yesterday don't try to do it again...!"

Alisha was upset and she said, "but I didn't do anything...! and take your hands away from me, Enough...!  don't misbehave with me...!"

Amit looked at her eyes and said---" when did I misbehave with you until now....? don't even dare to come close to me next time..... consequences won't be good...I don't need anybody's help.....!"

Amit walked away from her...so alisha turned and said, "what will you do....?"

Amit quickly turned back walked speedily towards Alisha...so she moved backward and leaned against the wall, Amit again caught her arms and said in a serious tone, " you shouldn't test man's patiences, so again don't do it or else you will face the consequences...!

After some days passed---

Amit had gone to work so alisha spoke to Rahem chacha, " what's about that album chacha....?  why was Amit so angry about it....?"

Rahem chacha said---"Nothing, it's just a family album, but sir... likes to be alone, no one is left in his family...so he don't like looking at the album..!

Alisha looked at him and she said, "it was family album even I know because I saw even grandpa's photo in it, but you aren't telling me the truth.....! if even though no one is alive, but who throws the photo album, I have attached photos of my parents in my lockets and I wear them all the time....Amit, was so upset he didn't even touched the album ! he could have took it away from my hand, but he didn't do it....that means he doesn't want to touch the album, he hate touching the album.... why? if our dear ones aren't alive it doesn't mean to hate them right...? "

Rahem chacha--" what should I say....? it's not only about albums or people...sir...! is upset with himself...!"

Alisha instantly said----"that's what I want to know... why? what's the reason for hatred or being upset about...?"

Rahem chacha looked down and said---"I can't tell you anything, please forgive me; I can only say that he is not a bad person...!"

Amit came home at night and went to his room, took shower and came out for dinner...Alisha was already on the lawn she was sitting on the chair...!

Amit sat on the chair and he said---"what are you doing here at this time....? you were at home itself then why didn't you eat on time...!!"

Alisha slowly said---"I want to talk to you about something so I was awake....!!"

Amit while eating he looked at her, " say...!"

Alisha by looking at his body behaviour she understood  that he was thinking I'll ask about last night....? so alisha asked naughtiness, "arree.. eat....eat...! why did you stop eating, after you finish eating we can talk....!"

Alisha insidely, she was happy to trouble him, but she pretended to act innocent...she said to him, "only we both are here, you're not going anywhere nor me....! we can talk some other time also...!"

Amit was irritated by Alisha's behaviour and he said, "listen....! don't stretch too much, whatever you want to say...just say and leave...!"

Alisha while standing up she rolled her eyes and she said, " oh no...! what I wanted to say you I forgot...!"

Amit in anger he banged his hand on the table and he got up and angrily he said, "listen to me ! don't irritate me...!"

Alisha kept her hand on her hip and she said, "this....! this is the problem...! you always speak to me in anger...I get scared speaking to you and even I forget what to say.... is it my mistake....?"

Amit was staring at her as if he was going to eat her alive, he was very angry at her and Alisha was controlling her laugh and she looked at him.... amit was looking at Alisha, as if he was asking her whether you will say or not...!

Alisha, didn't reply she kept staring at him and she slightly smiled...she stretched her hand to grab a glass of water...Amit, quickly tried to caught her hand, but Alisha instantly pulled back her hand and she poured the water on table....Amit angrily looked at her....alisha, ran quickly towards her room.... even Amit ran back of her and caught her hand and he said, " listen....! don't try to play games with me....I will slap you too hard...!"

"Do you see me without any hand's....? Alisha raised her shoulder and looked at him.

Amit---"you must be enjoying this kind of joke, I don't like..! if you want to play... then play with my dog....,but don't try to mess with me...!".

Alisha shrugged her hand and she said, "don't worry about my happiness, I know how to be happy in any situation...!"

Amit left her hand he said, "you mean to say that you pretend to be happy....!"

Alisha smiled and said---" then you don't know to judge people, you can't identify the person who is pretending and who is not....!"

Amit was very angry hearing this as if someone had scratched his wound....in anger he caught Alisha's arms and he said, "Enough Girl...! not another word...!"

Alisha in pain screamed at him," Leave me...! have you gone mad....? what did I say...that you're angry at me...?"

Amit caught her arms and stared at her and a while he pushed her and he said, "go to your room, don't come in front of me....!"

He walked away angrily and he threw all the food from the table...! he went inside, took the car keys and walked outside... Rahem chacha interrupted him and asked, " Amit sir...! where will you go at this time....?"

Amit looked at him once angrily and he walked towards the door....Alisha came running, "where are you going....?"

Amit screamed at Alisha, "you have no rights to ask me any questions, be in your limits....! don't ever come in my path....! where am going...? and from where i'm coming...? it's none of your business...!"

Alisha coolly said, "I know...!,but you're angry because of me, I am involved in it; so I won't let you go out....!"

Amit pushed her away from his side...so even Alisha pulled his hand and dragged him inside the house and she angrily said to him," what do you think of yourself....? when I said you once you will not go out.... can't you understand at once....?"

Amit didn't like people talking to him in high volume, he was now very angry at Alisha and he raised his hand to slap her. He said, "ENOUGH....!"

"Amit sir....! nooo...!" Rahem chacha caught Amit's hand"

Alisha wasn't scared of him...she kept staring at him and said, "hit me... come on...!"

Amit closed his eyes and Alisha caught his hand dragged towards her face and she said to him,"come on hit me, why did you stop....? Hit...! HIT ME...!"

Amit pulled his hand and he pushed her aside and he said, "stay away from me....!" he again walked towards the gate, then again Alisha stood in front him....amit was about to say something, but he banged his hand on the gate in anger...!"

He threw the car key and went inside the house angrily, Alisha looked at Rahim chacha and she said, "how do you tolerate him, don't know for what reason he gets angry....? he is so weird.....!"

Rahem chacha was silent and he picked up the car key and he said, "you go and sleep....!"

Alisha walked towards the dining table and she said, "let me help you.....!"

Rahem chacha," let it be madam...! I'll clean it myself....!"

Alisha kept looking at him...so Rahem chacha asked, "can you tell me madam... what were you too speaking about that sir...is so angry about...?"

Alisha frustratedly told him, "I only told him that you don't know to judge people...that who is fake and who is genuine....! What wrong did I say that he was so angry about....?"

Rahem chacha was silent and he cleaned up the mess..so Alisha said, "tell.... you still think that he is right and am wrong...?"

Rahem chacha said, "you better leave him alone, he will be fine by tomorrow....! you go and rest now."

Alisha---"tell me what's the problem with him...? if I will know then I can be careful...what I should tell him and what I should avoid telling him...? by mistake if I tell him something which he might not like it.... because of all this you will be in problem, I don't want to trouble you; I only like troubling him....he doesn't even speak to me otherwise, we should live life whole heartedly...who lives like this lifeless...?"

Rahem chacha didn't say anything he kept cleaning...Alisha was sitting outside itself and looked at Rahem chacha... after sometime she went inside.. Amit was sitting at the pool side and at the pool side itself bar shelves were also made...he took out the whiskey poured in the glass and kept drinking...!

Alisha slowly went inside, she went to Amit's room, but he wasn't there in the room...she looked all over the house for him..."

She went towards the pool side...so Amit without looking back he said, "so you came again....? come...come...!

Alisha stood there, when Amit turned towards her...she was shocked to see alcohol in his hand..

Amit smiled and said----"what happened....? come near me....! why are you standing so far....? are you scared....!!"

Alisha---"why will I be scared of you....?"

Amit raised his glass and he said, "Good.... would you like to join...?

Alisha asked, "won't you eat...?"

Amit smiled and he walked towards her and he said,"whether I eat or not ...! aren't you showing much concern towards me....are you falling in love with me....?"

Alisha looked at him weirdly and she said, "HUH...! why will I fall in love...?"

Amit looked at her and he said in a different tone, "your concerns and worries about me shows it all, your expressing love...!"

Alisha looked at his eyes continuously and she said, "I hate love business...so there is no question of falling in love...! love is kind of debt....for all the trouble and for life it becomes debt...! it's better to be away from love....!"

Amit came near her and he said,"Nikhil Chaudhary, has come into your life in the form of disaster...that you hate even hearing love words... because you remember him...! you hate the word called LOVE...., but he is in love with you....!

It's fine, he couldn't make you fall in love with him because according to you he is a bad person....!, but still you remember his name...and maybe life long you will be remembering him, so maybe there is something special about him...!"

Alisha looked at him with hatred and she asked, " what do you mean to say....?"

Amit now laughed and said----"simple that you still couldn't erase him from your mind, hatred and love is two different feelings.... you hate Nikhil, until you keep thinking about him... you won't be able to forget  him ever...!" you have lost your parents because of him... because of him you have suffered a lot...how much ever you try to divert your mind yet you can't forget him...!

Alisha's all her past memories were fresh again, tears rolled down her cheeks; she screamed and said----" YES....!  he will be remembered, if I don't want also I will remember him....! because he has wounded me...! it doesn't mean that I purposely want to remember him...! this is the biggest problem that even if I want to forget him...I won't be able to forget...!"

Amit looked at her and he smiled and said----"how do you feel now...?"

Alisha confusingly looked at him and she said, "I didn't understand...! I can understand, you're feeling very bad right....? that I scratched your ego, I made you remember the guy whom you want to forget....!!! So even you should remember that even others may have some hidden wound which you shouldn't scratch....in this world you're not the only person who has many problems or sorrows in life...there are many people who have hidden their deep sorrows and they're still living!"

Amit laughed and turned back...so alisha angrily said----"what type of human are you...? by hurting others how can you laugh...? you're a selfish man...! what's your problem...?"

Alisha was shockingly looking at him, but he moved away from her and started drinking, and he murmured, "I don't know how to judge people....! I am the dumbest person on this earth....! I can't judge people, a person who isn't able to understand his own family people, how will he understand the stranger....? shame on you Amit Thakur.."

As alisha was about to walk away....amit turned towards her and he said, "your going....come and drink with me! after all because of you I have started drinking today, otherwise I would drink only on the month of  13th August, but all thanks to you because of you even today am drinking"

Alisha said---"I don't understand what did I do...? that you're acting so weird....!"

Amit walked towards her and he said, "uff...! how innocent you....., everything you said already and now you're trying to act innocent....!"

Alisha irritatedly said, "you're very difficult to understand, can't you say anything opening and straightforward... you told so mean things about me, but am I drinking....? and I didn't say any hurting words to you...!"

Amit came near her and he said, "you said... you said...! didn't you tell me that I don't know to judge people, now tell me that I know everything about you or nooo...!"

Alisha said, "how can I say, what do you think about me...?"

Amit looked at her and he said, "I think you're helpless due to your situation, but you're not selfish...! Am I right or wrong...!"

Alisha said slowly, " Yes...!"

Amit laughed and he drank and said, "am right...! so I know to judge people....! I'm right...! i'm right....!"

Alisha gathered courage and she held his arms and she said, "don't you think it's too much now, keep the glass! because of silly reasons...!"

Amit shrugged his hand from hers and he screamed and said----" leave....! don't touch me...! it's not a silly matter...! go from here...! and listen ! don't come here... leave...!"

Alisha tried to take glass from his hand and she said, "I said stop drinking and go to your room and sleep...!"

Amit pushed very rudely, she fell on the ground..Amit sat in front of her and he said, "you have no rights on me....! didn't I tell you that only your name is attached with my name.... don't try to boss over me, nobody will listen to you....! you have to listen to me...! did you understand...? Move...!"

Alisha didn't feel like argumenting with him on this matter anymore...she got up and went out, when she went out Rahem chacha was sitting on the door steps...!"

Rahem chacha looked at her and he said, " you finish trying ! you can't gain anything, he will do what he wishes to; today, the whole night he will be drinking...! until he becomes unconscious...!"

Alisha sat with him on steps and she said, "for small matters he is behaving like this, what's his problem...? why is he like this....? why is he away from everyone..? I am not trying to come close to him, and nor do I want to be close to him, I just want to know the reason...!"

Rahem chacha looked towards the sky and said," you won't be able to know the reason, he won't say anything by himself....! try how hard you can, but he will avoid the topic...!"

Alisha looked at Rahem chacha she said, "then you tell me, even you know about him everything...! Why be so loyal, chacha....? that your sir...die from suffering inside....! maybe I can help him to overcome from his problems...!"

Rahem chacha got up and he walked towards his room...so alisha said, "fine...! don't tell me anything, but I will definitely try to help him..! I will teach him to live life happily...!"

As rahim chacha was entering his room... again Alisha said---"at least tell me what happened on 13th August....?"

"Amit's sir...! mother died on this day...!" Rahem chacha said and went to his room and he closed the door...!"


What is Amit's past....? What is he trying to hide...? Let's find out in the next chapter of I hate love stories....!



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