I Wanna Know

Chapter 03

I really dont know what's wrong with me. One time im okay, but then later on my head would travel on how useless and dull my life is.

Everyday is the same. I wake up, do the common things every human do. I never felt different, i felt so common and it made me mad.

It felt like im on replay. I go on and on, not knowing what's making me go nor where i was supposed to be headed.

"Li are you fine? You seem down today?" Dad asked putting down his utensils.

"Im fine dad. Lets just finish our breakfast peacefully"

He continued looking at me like he was checking my soul. As if he'd see right through me.

He was about to say something when the doorbell rang.

"Goodmorning maam Beverly" I heard one of our house help said.

"I gotta go dad" As soon as I heard the name I immediately stood up and grabbed my bag.

"You haven't finished your breakfast Li"

Not minding what he said, i continued my way to the door and unluckily saw the woman.

"Your up early Li. You done with breakfast?" She asked with her not so angelic voice.

"Im late for work"

I almost rolled my eyes but then was reminded that shes a whining biatch and my father would not love that.

She's not that bad, but she's just like mom and I dont like that. Every single time id see her, memories of my mother keeps playing on my head. Her smiles, her laughter, the way she sings for me, her not so funny jokes, us fooling around.

Even the cheers and claps from the crowd, the lights, blood, the noisy sirens, people's whispers, the tears and blood on her face.

"Li" Anika called.

"What?" I asked startled. Dang that woman for reminding me again.

"Can I leave first?"

"How bout we make a deal. You open the store on five, I close at nine?" I just cant stand waking up so early. Id rather stay here till nine and have a can of beer.

"Okay deal" she agreed.

"I cant stay too late. My child's waiting for me"

I just waived my hand and said "whatever"

Minutes after she left Kyle entered the store.

He smiled at me and which I did not. He went to his usual to-buy stuffs.

"Aren't you tired of cup noodles?" I asked when he was paying, which he chuckled in reply.

"Maybe next month id change flavor" there was humor in his words.

When he settled in his usual spot, i removed my apron and nameplate then grabbed a can of beer.

"Aren't you tire of beer Liwanag?" he said slightly imitating my voice.

I replied a shrug "Stop with the Liwanag. Its Li"

"Oh feisty aren't we" he chuckled and I just rolled my eyes then stared at the street with minimal cars passing by.

My mom always called me Liwanag, saying that I should be reminded to always shine in any way. But it's funny, how can I even shine when I buried my light alongside herm

I have to get this out of my head, and one can of beer isn't enough.

"You know how to ride a bike?" He asked out of the blue.

"Yeah. Why?" I asked back.

He stood up and pointed something across the street.

"Renting bicycles, you wanna ride?"

I hesitated, weighting what's more pleasable, this beer or bicycles. Then i chose the latter.

"I still need to close the store"

"Its okay. I'll help" which I did not refused.

After closing the store and getting my back pack, we crossed the streets and started renting the bicycles.

"They don't have helmet and safety gears. Aren't you afraid your face might get some scratch. It's your bread and butter" I said adjusting my self in the bicycle.

He just laughed "So you know?"

"I didn't asked but Anika told me"

"You're too defensive. Anyway its okay. I always ride bicycles and there isn't much vehicles nearby"

I shrugged.

"There's a park somewhere. Should we go there?"

I nooded and started pedaling.

We were cycling side by side, not saying anything.

There was just silence, but it wasn't awkward rather it was comforting.

When we reached the park, he called me for a race.

"Are you sure? I never loose you know" i smirked which he just laughed.

"Now you will"

"Okay, buy me beer if I win" I said.

"Again? Is beer the only thing you always think about Liwanag?" I gave him a deadly look.

"Lets just race shalk we?" I positioned my self and he did too.

"On three" he murmured.

"Go!" I shouted and started pedaling.

"Liwanag that's cheating!" He shouted at my back.

I laughed, what a loser.

I pedaled the crap out of me but was shocked when he was catching up. I tried harder but to no vail, he was leading.

He was ahead of me and the gap was large.

"Kyle damn your long legs!" I shouted.

"Thank you!" He shouted back laughing.

After three laps, he won.

"Told you I'd win" he said catching his breath.


We were both panting feeling the coldness of the gentle blowing wind.

I walked to the grass and sat looking up in the sky. It was a cold quite september night.

"This is much more exciting than beers right?" He asked sitting next to me.

"If i won it would have been"

He chuckled with what I said.



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