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Aahil woke up early in the morning for work. He got dressed in his usual suit and walked down the stairs. It was 7 in the morning and Rayna was still asleep. He walked down to the dining table and sat in his seat. Salma bi came and served him his breakfast. He peacefully ate his breakfast while reading the paper. It was a habit of his. After breakfast, he had a cup of tea. While he was sipping his cup of tea, he noticed how Salma bi was glancing at him. It was clear that she wanted to speak to him, but was hesitating for some reason. 

He kept his cup down and called for her, 'Salma bi, please come here for a second.' Salma bi immediately came forward, 'Is there anything you want to say to me?' He asked. Salma bi was fidgeting with her fingers, 'Salma bi, you know how much I care and respect you. Please tell me what's on your mind.' Aahil spoke as gentle as possible. Salma bi has been the mother figure in his life ever since his mother passed away when he was 15. Salma bi also considered him his son as she had devoted her life to him and his famy. 

Salma bi was never hesitant to keep her words before Aahil, but today she was. She took a deep breath and spoke, 'It's about Rayna.' Aahil's mood immediately shifted, 'What about her?' he asked, gruffly, 'Don't you think you are being too hard on her? She had just gotten married to you and you told her you didn't want to do anything with her.' Aahil didn't say anything but looked away, 'She is girl Aahil, and she had her dreams of getting married and having a special someone to look after her. But you, you just crashed her dream when it had not even taken flight. Don't you feel bad?', 'Enough, Salma bi.' Aahil stopped her. 

He looked towards her and continued, 'You very well know that I was never interested in this wedding or ever getting married. It was all due to dad's constant nagging that I agreed to this. I also remember telling dad very clearly that even if I did get married to her, I would not share the feelings of a husband towards her. And dad was completely fine with it. So please, don't bring this up again.' Aahil got up from his seat and buttoned his coat, 'I am leaving for work now. Please have my lunch sent at work like usual.' he looked up the stairs and back at Salma bi, 'Give her her breakfast once she is awake. And make her familiar with the house. She looks like she might get lost easily.' he says and walks out the door. 

Salma bi looks worriedly as he walks out the door, 'I believe she can bring back the Aahil we once knew.' Salma bi remembered what Aahil's father had said to her when he had shown Rayna's proposal to her, 'I really hope she does, I really do.' Salma bi starts clearing the table and into the kitchen. 

Aahil walks into his company building and everyone was shocked to see their boss back at work right after his wedding day. They knew he was strict and a workaholic but not when it comes to his wedding. He entered the elevator and headed to the top floor. He entered his office and sat on his desk and began working. He was going through a file when the office door banged open and in walked his best friend, Lutfi. He walked over to his friends desk and folded his arms and asked, 'What are you doing at work?' Aahil didn't even look up and said, 'Working.' 

Lutfi signed and said, 'I can see that, but today is your first day after marriage. You should be spending time with your wife.' 'You very well know what my agreement was before the marriage.' Lutfi was shocked, 'You mean.... You really... You actually... Waah!' Lutfi couldn't believe it. His friend actually meant what he said before the marriage. Lutfi banged his hand on the table and said, 'You cannot do this to her.' 'Well, I am.' Aahil said as it was the simplest thing in the world, 'And I told her aswell.' Aahil informed his friend. 

Lutfi was double struck now, 'You told her that you didn't consider her your wife!?' Aahil nodded as he turned the page, 'What is wrong with you, Aahil? This is so not you. How can you not care what she might be feeling?' Aahil stopped and just stared at nothing in particular. He did feel horrible that he was doing this to her. She looked so innocent and beautiful, but Aahil knew he could not risk to feel anything for anyone ever again, he can't. Aahil takes a deep breath in and says, 'You very well know what's wrong with me.'

There was a knock at the door, 'Come in.' It was his driver, Khalid. He had bought Aahil his lunch. He places the lunch bag on his desk and walks out excusing himself. As soon as Khalid left, Lutfi spoke softly, 'Please move on. It is the past now.' 'I don't want to talk about it anymore. Please leave, unless you want to share my lunch.' Lutfi doesn't say anything and walks out. Aahil folds his file and keeps it aside. He joins his hands before him and rests his forehead on it. He didn't like talking about it at all, but it's like it would never go, and he didn't want to let go, cause he feared once he did, he would be hurt again. 

He takes in a deep breath and lets his thoughts aside. He opens his lunch bag and pulls out his lunch box. He opens it up to see lemon rice and boneless pepper chicken. Aahil frowned cause Salma bi was the old fashioned type and didn't know how to make lemon rice. He took a bite of the rice and chicken and was surprised at the taste. It didn't taste anything like Salma bi's cooking. Thinking that Salma bi must have tried something new, he ate it with delight. 


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