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Rayna's sleep was disturbed with the mild sun rays peeking from the curtains adjacent to her bed. She opened her eyes slightly annoyed, she didn't like waking up at all, but she had to. She pushed the duvet off herself and got out of the cloud like bed. She walked over to the curtains and swiped them open. She squinted her eyes due to the sudden brightness. When her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she was taken away by the beautiful view of the garden outside. She made a mental note to roam around in the garden. 

She walked over to her cupboard and took out a cream coloured palazzo salwar suit which had mirror like beads on the top. She walked into the bathroom to freshen up. She came out all dressed with wet hair. She walked over to the dressing table that was on the right side of her bed. She sat down on the grand looking table and wore her earrings and bangles. Rayna was not the type to dress up every day, but her mom had told her that a newly wedded bride should be dressed up daily for at least a month so, she was doing it for her mother.

She adjusted the dupatta over her shoulders and walked out of her room. She closed the door and looked to her left, or more specifically, the last room. She stared at it for a moment too long but then decided to just walk down the stairs. She had not still thought about what to do with her situation. Whether to tell her parents about it or not? Whether to just leave this house or not? Ask for a divorce instead? She didn't know. She walked down the stairs and walked into what she supposed was the kitchen, and it was. She saw Salma bi cooking inside and an immediate smile grazed her lips.

She walked over to her, 'Good morning, Salma bi.' She said with enthusiasm in her voice. Salma bi was startled by the sudden voice and jumped to turn around. Rayna let out a small laugh at her reaction while Salma bi just glared at her  'Sorry.' Rayna apologised with her head low but the happy glint was still in her eyes, 'Good Morning to you too, my dear.' Take a seat at the dining table, I'll bring you your breakfast, 'Oh, it's okay Salma bi. I can cook my own breakfast. ' Rayna said, 'Oh no dear. You are the new bride, I am not letting you cook anytime soon.' Rayna tried to protest but one glare from Salma bi, and she ran to sit on the dining table. 

She took a seat, subconsciously, which was parallel to Aahil's. Salma bi placed her plate of breakfast before her. She thanked her for the meal and digged in. After breakfast, Salma bi gave her a tour of the house. It was in fact and very big house. The four room upstairs, the living room, dining room and kitchen are just the front part of the house that is personally used. Adjacent to the living room was a corridor that led to four more rooms that were the guest rooms. There was another gate at the back of the mansion that was used when any party was thrown at the house. And the guests would enter from the back double doors that led to a big fancy hall for parties. 

The most favourite part of this house for Rayna was the huge garden. It was so big and filled with trees and flowers that she could just stare at it's beauty all day. It was 12pm now as the tour of the house came to an end. Salma bi rushed into the kitchen saying it was time to send Aahil his lunch, 'Can I make the lunch, Salma bi?' Rayna asked, 'Oh no dear, I'll do it.' 'But I'll get so bored doing nothing all day. Please?' Rayna tried to convince her and at last she agreed. Rayna checked the ingredients in the fridge and decided to make lemon rice and boneless pepper chicken. And by 12:45pm, the lunch was packed and sent out.

Rayna followed Salma bi and tried to help her in her chores. Note the word tried, cause Salma bi didn't let her do much. After lunch, Salma bi pushed Rayna out of the house and asked her to take a stroll of the garden. It was 3:30pm now and Rayna was leisurely taking her time admiring the beautiful nature. She noticed that a mid aged man was trimming the the bushes. She remembered Salma bi mentioning that her husband was the gardener. Rayna smiled to herself and tiptoed her way to him, 'Hello!' She called out. The old man dropped hedge shear he was using to chop the Bush. He turned around alarmed but calmed down on seeing a smiling young girl.

'I'm Rayna, the new bride.' She introduced herself. The man squinted his eyes trying to see her clearly. When it struck him, he immediately straightened himself and bowed down to her, 'Welcome home, ma'am.' He said bowing down. Rayna frowned at his state and held his shoulders and lifted him up, 'Please don't bow to me, I am much younger than you.' Rayna says to him with a smile. The old man hesitates but still nods his head, 'Salma bi told me that you are her husband, but she forgot to mention your name. Can I know your name?' Rayna asks gently. The man nodded his head and said, 'My name is Fazil and I am the gardener.' He introduced himself. 

Rayna nodded her head and made a thinking expression, 'Now, I cannot call you by your name. So what do I call you?' 'You can call me by my name, it's okay.' Fazil said with a smile, 'Oh no. Even if you agree with it, I won't.' Fazil was about to protest but stopped when Rayna clapped her hands, 'Yes, I know what to call you.' Fazil waited impatiently for Rayna to speak up, 'Chacha, I'll call you Chacha. Okay?' Fazil was shocked, she just reminded him of someone special, 'I'll know I chose the perfect wife for my son when she calls you Chacha, Fazil bhai. That means that she has respect for the elders and knows the importance of a relation and how to maintain it.' Fazil bhai just remembered the words of Aahil's dead mother.

Tears formed in his eyes and Rayna frowned, 'Are you okay, Chacha?' Rayna asks worried. Fazil bhai nods his head. Rayna smiles at him and picks up the hedge shear, pretending to chop the Bushes. Fazil bhai laughed at her and showed her how he chops the bushes.


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