I'll hold on


Rayna enjoyed herself today. She helped Fazil chacha in the garden and also made Salma bi let her make dinner. After all the hard work and fun, Rayna made them sit with her in living room and watch TV. In the middle the fun movie, Salma bi looked at the clock and said, 'He must be home by now, wonder what's taking him so long.' Rayna turned to look at her and asked, 'Who?' 'Aahil.' Salma bi replied. Rayna's smile smothered down on hearing her husbands name. Admist all the fun today, Rayna had totally forgotten about her situation, her husband doesn't want a wife or to love a wife? Any ways, Rayna was at lost at both ends.

A hand is placed on Rayna's knee and she looks at Salma bi, 'I know your mind must not be working properly because of Aahil's stupid conditions. But please don't leave.' Salma bi requests her, 'You also think the conditions are stupid.' Rayna said to know one in particular with an expression less face and emotion less voice, 'Of course they are stupid, Aahil might seem like it but he is a very loving boy.' Rayna heard Fazil chacha say. Rayna looked at him, 'Well, I was blessed with his loving side on the first day.' Rayna said sarcastically, 'He didn't even know my name.' Rayna muttered under her breath. After that, everything went silent and they concentrated back on the screen and soon started laughing. 

The door to the house was heard to open and they all turned to look at the direction. Aahil walked in and seeing him, Salma bi and Fazil chacha stood up in respect, but Rayna's smile just died down. She was still furious with him, so she also stood up but kept her head down, not wanting to look at his face. She had a feeling she might just punch it out of happiness to see him home. After she heard footsteps walking up the stairs, she looked up and signed. Rayna just stared at the floor with a blank mind. She suddenly turned to Salma bi and said, 'I'll be in my room.' She then walked up the stairs and into her room.

Rayna closed the door behind her and went to sit on her bed. She pulled her legs up on the bed and held them close to her chest. She mindlessly stared at the garden out of her window. Every girl at least once in her life imagines her marriage and married life, Rayna has thought of it aswell but not like this. Rayna signed heavily and rested her head on her knees. Her mobile began ringing and she picked it up to see her mother calling. She contemplated whether to answer or not and in the end she did, 'Hello?' She said, 'Hello Rayna, how are you doing, dear? It's not even been a day since you are married but I couldn't help worrying about you. How is Aahil doing? He is taking good care of you, right?'

Rayna's eyes teared up, she wanted to tell her mother everything. That how Aahil doesn't consider her his wife but she couldn't, she didn't wanna be a whining baby. So she sucked in her tears and put a smile on her face, 'Yes Ammi, Aahil is very sweet and he takes good care of me. And even the people who work here are just like family, very sweet and caring. Just like my husband.' Rayna replied as a tear rolled down her cheek, 'Good to hear. Even if he is pampering you, don't get over board. Do your duty as a responsible wife, and I know you will be an excellent wife, right?' Rayna's lips started trembling as more tears left her eyes, 'Yes Ammi, I'll be a responsible wife.' 'I gotta go now, take care, dear.' 'Bye Ammi, send others my love.' 'Sure, dear.' With that, Rayna cut the call.

She doesn't hold back anymore and let's her tears flow. While she was freeing her tears, the mobile in her hand rang again, but this time it was her best friend, Afiza. She pucked up the call and kept it near her ear not saying a thing, 'Hello my beautiful bride!!!!' Came her friends cheerful voice, 'How is it being married?' There was a tease in her voice. Rayna just sniffed in and Afiza got the hint and her voice immediately became worried, 'Hey, you are crying? What happened?' Her friend's concern broke Rayna's last resolve and she started crying all out, 'Oh my God, why you crying? Don't cry!! No, cry. Cry all you want, okay!' So Rayna cried her eyes out as friend just heard her cry. After calming down a bit, Afiza's voice came back, 'Better now?' She asked and Rayna nodded her head and somehow Afiza got that, 'Okay, now tell me what happened?' So Rayna narrated the whole story to her.

'That son of a....' Afiza started but Rayna stopped her. Rayna didn't like people cursing, especially around her, 'Sorry, but that guy is insane. If he was gonna do all this, then why get married? Why do all this to you? I swear, I am gonna kill him!' Rayna heard her friend bad mouth her husband silently, and somehow it felt good to hear all that and take the burden of her shoulders, 'So, what you planning to do?' Afiza asked her. Rayna let out a sign and said, 'I don't know.' 'What are you thinking to do?' Her friend asked again, 'Not thinking to tell my parents.' Rayna replies, 'Okay. And?' 'And i don't know what else? I came into this house to be Aahil Zafar's wife and he doesn't wanna be my husband. Have you ever heard this before?' She asks her friend, 'No but I heard one thing. That you came to be Aahil Zafar's wife.' Afiza repeats the words she just said, 'Yeah, I just said that.' Rayna says confused, 'Exactly, so what if he doesn't want to be your husband, you can be his wife. That is what you want, right?' Rayna processed her friends thoughts and it kinda made sense to her, 'Yeah, Yeah, YEAH!' Little by little the joy in Rayna's voice came back, 'I don't need him to be my husband for me to be his wife.' Rayna said wiping her tears, 'That's my girl! Now go show him who you are!!!' 'Yeah, thanks Afiza.' 'Anytime, Byeeee' Rayna cut the call and ran out her room to let her husband know that she is his wife, whether he likes it or not.



Edited: 19.01.2021

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