I'm yours & Your mine

Chapter 1- The first time

"No this isn't acceptable! Come on Jessie your one of the best in this gang and right now your letting us down" I yell.

"I'm sorry Aria, it won''t happen again. Is there anything I can do to make up for it?" Jessie says disappointed in himself.

"Bring Carter Payne to me, i've heard he has a past in crime." I answer.

"Yes Miss Banks, sorry for the inconvinence." He mutters as he hurries off.

Hey! I'm Aria and well as you saw I am the gang leader of the Timers, one of the biggest secret crime gangs in Burnsville, nobody know we exist as we move quickly and quietly. In the daytime i'm a normal school girl and all i ever do is sing but at nighttime i'm a criminal and i know what your all thinking that i'm probably just a weak little girl. Well your wrong, but anyways it's pretty late and i need to get home and sleep ready for school the next day.

"Dad i'm home!" I shout.

"Hi sweetie, how's singing class?" He asks.

"It was good, i'm pretty tired though so i think i'm going to head to bed." I respond kissing my dads forehead before running upstairs and climbing into my massive top and getting in bed. 

I snuggle down and before you know it, i'm fast asleep.

"Aria get up you have school." Dad tells me.

Getting dressed for school is pretty hard because I hate drawing attention to myself. I shove on my fishnets and shorts with a black crop top and leather jacket. My long hair falls off my shoulders as i apply the last bit of lipstick and i'm ready. I go downstairs say bye to dad and climb into my car and drive to school. 

"Hey Becky,Megan, Cole, Jessie and Carter." I smile.

"Hi Aria! You have to come to this party tonight, were all going and it won't be the same without you." Megan squeaks.

"Fine but i have to leave early." I agree.

"As long as you come girl! You never come out with us." Becky says reasurringly.

"Yeah sorry, just been focusing on my dad and his gym." I smile.

"We understand it must be hard without your brother there anymore." Becky says.

"Me and dad are dealing with it, anyways sorry to cut the convo short but i'm going to go to the music room." I add while walking away.

"I'm free as a bird when i'm flying in your cage, i'm diving in deep and i'm riding with no brakes and im bleeding in love, you're swimming in my veins. You've got me now, been waiting for a lifetime for ya, been breaking for a lifetime for ya. Wasnt lookin' for  love till i found you" I sing calmly into the microphone.

"For love till i found you ohh" a lower voice sings.

"You scared me Carter!" I squeak.

"Your voice is amazing Aria" He smiles.

Oh my god! The way my name rolls off his tongue is amazing, his british accent is so strong.

"Thanks, we should duet some time, your voice is pretty amazing too." I reply blushing.

"Sure, anyways I know the speakers ain't in here so you didn't hear the annoncement about school finishing earlier today due to the sick teachers, so we can go home." He informs me kindly.

"Ah thanks. I better go find Jessie." I smile as i get up and walk out the music room.

I walk the quiet halls smiling, i'm smiling for many reasons. I don't have to leave the party as i can get everything done this morning and talking to Carter just makes me happy.



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