Imelda in Wonderland

Meeting the Marigolds

Imelda kept on running until she found herself within a field of marigolds. Imelda shook her head, put her hands on her hips, and said angrily,"This is getting ridiculous! Not only am I small again but I keep losing that dog!"

Suddenly one of the marigolds asked Imelda,"What kind of flower are you supposed to be?"

Imelda looked up to see that the marigolds had faces! Imelda raised an eyebrow and replied,"Do I look like a flower?"

Another marigold exclaimed,"Seems to me that this little weed could learn a thing or two about manners!"

Imelda gritted her teeth and was about to smack the marigold with her boot when suddenly two marigolds poured water over Imelda which washed her away. Imelda could hear the marigolds laugh in the distance.

Once Imelda got up, she squeezed a part of her damp dress. She then said in annoyance,"I'm not the one who needs to learn some manners."

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice reciting a poem. She curiously walked towards the voice while making her way through thick blueberry bushes. She soon gasped to see a caterpillar with the face of her granddaughter ,Victoria, seated comfortably on a brown mushroom.

Imelda asked out loud,"Victoria?"

The caterpillar swiftly turned her attention to Imelda and asked her with a squinted eye,"Who... are... you?"

"I'm Imelda and I was wondering if you've seen..."

"Dante? No I have not," the caterpillar said snobbishly.

Imelda could feel her temper bubbling up inside of her. She took a deep breath and said,"You know, I heard you recite a poem and it sounded beautiful."

For the first time in forever, the caterpillar found herself smiling. In a flash of white light, the caterpillar turned into a majestic glowing butterfly. Imelda found herself saying,"Amazing..."

The butterfly said in an angelic voice,"One side will make you smaller. The other side will make you bigger..."

Imelda was rather confused. "The mushrooms?"

The butterfly said,"Precisely. Hahaha!"

To Imelda's surprise the butterfly turned into a group of smaller butterflies. Imelda smiled as she watched the butterflies soar towards the golden sun.

Imelda said to herself,"Maybe this place isn't so bad after all." She then grabbed a piece of a mushroom, broke it in half, and put it in her brown apron. "Now to find Dante."

With that said, Imelda walked down a dirt path surrounded by tall grass.

Kira L. Smith

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