In a land long away

The next dark

The trenat's had all got there paws dipped and in position around the mostly sleeping two legs. There was still a few two legs awake and walking around with the shiny sticks and wood held infont of them. Captain half ear passed the message on to the others to move silently and scratch all sleeping two legs and run to safety. 

The plan didn't go as well as hoped. All the trenat's went to the sleeping two legs. Several got seen by the two legs still awake and got screwed on the shiny sticks and others got stamped on. A trenat called one eye was the first to strike. He climbed on to a two legs and swiped a clawed paw across its face. The two legs awoke instantly and lept to its feet. One eye was still on its body and dropped to the floor as soon as the two legs was virtical. One eye started to run. The two legs started to fall making a high squeeling noise. When the two legs hit the floor one eye hadn't got out of the and was killed instantly. The noise of the first two legs woke up the others. Most of the trenat's had managed to strike one fatal blow but the two legs were fast to move none got far before the pain dropped them. This had deathly consequences for a lot of the trenat's. The noise drove the drogers crazy and they broke free slashing at the two legs killing tens of them. But some of the two legs had managed to kill some of them. Captain half ear called out an order to retreat and the message was passed around trenat's and drogers by the spulch. It was all over in double quick time when the trenat's and drogers had got to safety in the edge of a wooded area captain half ear spoke. 

"Stop here let's see what damage has been done to both sides." 

They all stopped and looked back at the mayhem that was going on with the two legs. The ones that had been scratched were yelping in pain and rolling on the ground. There were at least thirty dead two legs from the drogers all in all it looked like there was ten to twenty that would survive. Then they looked at their own army. They had lost a lot and they were down to one hundred and fifty trenat's and five drogers. 

Captain half ear saw that they had won but not completely and felt ashamed for ordering the retreat. He hung his head in silence morning his fallen friends. A droger towered over half ear and spoke. 

"We have kept to our side of the deal now your turn." 

"the war isn't over yet they are still coming for our land." 

"You want more from us what do we get In return."

"We will still help you to be free to live your lives as you want. Killing what you want eating what you want mating and having a family."

"We won't be wanting mates the females kill the males after we have done our part. But killing and eating what we want sounds good. But that is what you was going to do anyway. So now what can we have to help you more." 

The captain thought for a moment. 

"OK I will start your training now there is five of you. Now are you ready." 

The droger looked to his kind. They stepped forward looking angryer than they had in battle. The biggest one dropped down to look captain half ear in the eye. 

"We are ready." 

"OK you can kill the last of the two legs. That shouldn't be too hard should it." 

He straightened up to his full hight. He didn't even look at the other drogers he was gone and they were close behind. They were not stelthly in their approach the two legs herd and saw them coming and got ready. The drogers attached with such force and aggression it was unbelievable to watch. They had killed the remaining two legs quickly. But didn't stop they were in a frenzy now. The humples started to panic and they got killed too. Only three of the drogers came back and one of them was injured. They had not calmed down. Captain half ear told the other trenat's to move back and he faced them alone. 

"Well done. You did what was asked. Thank you but you could have done better. Your kind could have done that without getting hurt if you listen to me it will go even better next time." 

The largest drogers let out a howl and then the others started. Captain half ear looked for shelter ready to run to if he needed to. The howling stopped and they looked down at him panting. 

" We will listen but we must go so we don't hurt you."

They ran into the wood's barking and snapping at each other. Captain half ear signaled to the others to come back. The spulch came out of the ground. 

"my kind are dealing with the bodies now. There are many more coming. You do not have the numbers to fight them again."

"We still have the pentels on our side and now three drogers. We can still do this." 

"please my friend stop this and move on you are going to kill your kind." 

"I'm not captain three toes refused to surrender and so Do I. There has to be a way." 

"if there is I can't see it." 

Captain half ear walked away from his friends. He walked for a long time and sat on a log looking over his lands. 

simon 1982

Edited: 06.09.2019

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