In a land long away

Final choice

Captain half ear went back to his clan. He was beaten he had no plan of how to save them everything he thought of lead to death or dishoner. His walk was slow and his head held low. All of the creatures who had helped them so far crowded around waiting for him to speak. There was compleat silence. With an effort captain half ear raised his head. 

"Have any of you got a plan I want to hear what you say before I tell you what I think."

It was a droger that spoke first just one word. 


The trenat's cheered. The spulch stayed silent the flurgs stayed silent and the pentels stayed silent. 

"Not all of you agree and I'm in two minds. Maybe I should not be captain any more."

White spot spoke up and know body stopped him or argued with what he had to say. 

"Captain half ear. It was you that led us to our latest victory. We have had many battles in our time some bigger and some smaller but none as important as the ones we have had most recently. We have never had a foe as hard to beat as this and you have made it so we lost fewer than any that captain three toes led us into. We don't want anyone else to take over but we do want to fight. If we don't they will come again and again. I can live with death but I can't live with regret and shame. Can you."

Captain half ears feelings of pride arose higher than any trenat's he'd ever before. Even though he was surly going to leed everyone to death at least he had done all he could. He stood tall. 

"Spulch I need you to do one last thing." 

"OK what is it." 

"go to my burro and tell them to move on. We will find them if we win." 

The spulch waited no longer and left. Captain half ear turned to the pentels and flurgs. 

"Trust me I know you don't want to fight anymore and I can understand why. I am going to ask you to help one more time. Or will you live in fear for the rest of your lives" 

One flurg hoped forward. 

"we will help like we have been we have lost none."

Then a pentels spoke. 

"We don't have the same pride as you but we will help." 

There was a rustle in the bushes and a catodile appeared. 

"We have been watching what you have done. We want to help they killed one of us for food. The is not OK."

Then another five droger came forward behind the catodile. 

"You freed some of our kind we are in your debt and you will be safe from us. You are not having all the fun eather." 

More and more creatures came forward. Captain half ear had not seen them in the bushes. They had all heard how they were willing to die to save the land. None could stand back any longer. Captain half ear spoke up. 

" now we can win. Without sneaky tactics. We take the fight to them now." 

He turned and ran in the direction the two legs were coming from. It was the most bizarre stampede ever seen on any Planet. You could smell the testotorne in the air. It was pungent. The noise was deafening. The grows shreeks and thundering paws. The ground was shaking. The creatures could now see the two legs. They slowed to a walk then stopped side by side stairing at the enemy. Captain half ear walked in front to face all the creatures. 

"My friends I am proud of you all I feel for you like I do my own family. Now is the last rest before we make them two legs go or die for our families. Who wait for our safe return. We wait until dark or they move wich ever comes first." 

The strange menagerie of creatures ate drank and slept. The sight was breathtaking. Never has a group of predictors and pray joined together in such a large and diverse way. The two legs had seen them and stopped still. Thr fire in the sky was nearly down and darkness was settling in. Captain half ear walked forward to address all of the creatures. 

"This is our last chance so let's take for all we can now GOOOO!." 

Captain half ear turned and ran at full speed after blowing go. He was soon over taken by the bigger animals. Some of the two legs ran away others took up a defensive stance. It was like two waves collided. Two legs and animals flew into the air and landed in heaps fighting more two legs ran away there was huge losses on both sides. When the fighting stopped there was a lot of death everywhere. Pentels and drogers catodiels and trenat's. There was not a single two leg in sight alive. The animals had worked as team and won. Out of breath and injured the animals gathered. Captain half ear was now captain three legs. Limping to face his comrades he spoke softly. 

"We have done it our lands are safe until next time. We can go our own way now and live free. I don't think that they will be back for a long time."

The last of the drogers that had been freed bent down and picked up the captain. He held him up in the air and the animals erupted in celebration. Chanting captain captain captain. He had led them all to victory. 

simon 1982

Edited: 06.09.2019

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