In Love With My Billionaire Best friend

Chapter 6



I was going to commit murder real soon and it would not even be my fault.

Vanessa was making me miserable and she seemed totally oblivious of her actions. Living with her was suffocating and I couldn't take it anymore. 

I felt like I was haunted and that could even be an understatement. In the day I had to face Vanessa and her constant whining and at night I dreamt of Pammy and could not sleep. 

"Ryan, come do my back," Vanessa yelled.

By that she meant I should come rub some sunscreen on her back but either way she always found a way to make sure I was right by her side. 

And don't get me started on her obsession with the swimming pool! She has been there literally every single day since we got back and she has somehow managed to make it impossible for me to enjoy swimming as usual. 

I just could not understand her extreme love for the water especially now, she said something the other day about needing enough Vitamin D or something like that…. And I was like why don't you just go for a walk Instead.

At least that would be way better if she was considering her health. But no, she chose to lie down all day by the pool side and never leave. 

She knew I loved to swim, maybe this was her form of punishment for an offense I did not know I even committed. 

If there was any crime committed it was definitely putting a ring on her finger.

"Ryan love, where are you?!" She yelled.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yelled back.

Why couldn't she just let me breathe! Ever since she got back with me she has been like a glue that could not bear the idea of giving me any space! 

I was currently working but I guess everything had to wait when "queen Vanessa" beckons. 

She was really making me think twice about all the horrible decisions I've recently made and top of it all was engaging her! 

It was like she feared I was going to leave her anytime soon so she was trying to hold on as fast as she could but it was only pushing me away.

The only thing on my mind was Pamela and I was going crazy with how she was treating me. I have not been able to reach her since she left the mansion and I was worried sick!

Why was she ignoring me?! Did she not know that I needed her? Well I guess she wouldn't, but if only she just gives me a chance to at least check up on her! To know that she was safe! I had not heard her voice for so long and I was going crazy.

She had a reason to be angry with me for not telling her about my engagement earlier but why was she making such a big deal about it?! 

"Ryan!" Vanessa screamed, bringing me back to my nightmare called life.

"I'm here Vanessa, chill!" I said, as I approached her.

She definitely knows how to make a man go crazy!

"Where were you?" She squealed.

"I was working!" I exclaimed. 

Maybe you should try that sometime! 

I wanted to say that out loud. She has been unemployed ever since I knew her and her only excuse was that she was too pretty for a 9 to 5 boring job and was perfectly fine living off her trust fund. 

Well maybe if she was working she wouldn't crave my constant attention so much! 

"Don't you know I need you! Why are you giving me so much space?" She whined.

Was she serious?! 

We were living under the same roof! How glued to her does she want me to be! If anything I needed to give her more space but that was impossible with her! 

She was making this incredibly unbearable and I was gradually losing all my patience! 

"I'm here now Vanessa, besides I need a quiet place to work but you talk too much," I told her.

"Are you trying to call me a talkative?!" She squealed. 

"No…. I mean you love to talk," I corrected.

"What's the difference?" She squealed again.

Well she was quite right, there really isn't any difference. It seemed like the more I tried to salvage the situation the more I just made it worse.

Knowing her then she was ready to twist every word I say and make it sound offensive just so we can argue like we always do. 

She knew she loved to talk! It's not like I was accusing her of something completely false so why was she bent on making a big deal out of it. 

Well I had to say something nice if I wanted this all to end soon. 

"I'm sorry Vanessa," I told her.

That usually did the trick with her. A simple "I'm sorry" always worked like magic whenever we had our daily arguments.

"Okay, but you know I just want you by my side," she said with those puppy eyes of hers but that has lost it's magic on me ages ago. 

I just nodded and went on to doing the Queen's bidding, gently rubbing the sunscreen over her back.

However, she started acting very weird like she was trying to be sexy or something and that completely turned me off. It was strange that she thought that would have any effect on me whatsoever apart from the apparent disgust I felt at that sight.

Suddenly she grabbed my hand so tightly and I was thrown into a state of utter confusion. She was seriously hurting me and it was not funny!

"What are you doing?!" I snapped at her as I drew my hand away from her.

"What do you think?! She yelled.

"Well I think you were trying to hurt me!" I stated.

"I was trying to get you to touch me! You haven't so much as looked my way since we got back!" She accused.

"Touch you! Why would I want to touch you?! I got back with you not because I wanted to but because I had to!" I yelled.

She was obviously disillusioned if she thought that I actually wanted her! I could not believe the words coming from her this moment. 

The thought of her forcing me to touch her was so infuriating. I could not stand still. 

Where did she read all the wrong signs! How did she not know that I felt trapped, manipulated and utterly unhappy! How dare she try to insinuate that we were living in a happily ever situation.

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