In Love with your Soul

Surprise at start

In the morning of summers when Wasim Siddiqui was reading newspaper in his hall while drinking tea. And suddenly he remembers about Arzoo's last exam today and 

“Zara.........” Wasim calls his little daughter's name.

Zara was helping her mother Rukhsar in the kitchen. Both were making breakfast while talking with each other.

Zara answers “ya Abu,.. I'm coming”

Zara came out of the kitchen and stands in front of him and asks about if why he was calling her. 

Wasim looked at her and asks “Zara, where is Arzoo? Today is her last exam right?”

“Yes Abu” Zara answers him.

“So where is she? Is she still studying?” Wasim asks her.

“Yes Abu, what else we can expect from her? But let me just remind her that today is her last exam” Zara tells her father without even checking in her room.

“Yeah, otherwise she'll be late!” he tells Zara and again starts to read newspaper.

Zara leaves from there to Arzoo's room. And grumbles in the way to her room “Oh God! She doesn't even know about her last exam's date?... Now I've to remind her?... Gosh! She's such a stupid for her studies!”.

While she was grumbling, she reached to her room and knocks the door, she wasn't getting any response and she again grumbles “Yeah, I was right! She's still studying and maybe slept” and she opens the door but didn't see Arzoo in the room. 

She came inside the room and sees that bedsheets are already set. Books on study table are already set. Window of the room is opened and sound of running water is coming from the bathroom. 

Zara speaks from the room “Arzoo........ Are you inside the bathroom?”

“Yes of course, I'm bathing” Arzoo answers her.

“Okay, you get ready fast! Breakfast is on table” Zara speaks and left from there.

She came to the hall and told her father that Arzoo is getting ready for her college. 

Wasim nodded his head while his eyes were on the newspaper.

Arzoo came out of the bathroom and starts to get ready for the college. And her mobile rings, she ignored after seeing that it was her friend Nisha who is calling her because she was busy in making her hairs. 

Again her mobile rings and she answered “Yes Nisha?”

Nisha speaks “I called you to tell you that I'm coming to your house”

Arzoo asks her “But why Nisha?”

Nisha speaks “Because my dad gifted me a scootie and I want you to come college with me on my new scootie” 

Arzoo smiled after listening this and tells her “Congratulations Nisha!! You come after having your breakfast, I'll wait” and she disconnected the call.

Arzoo downstairs and her father noticed her and smiled at her. She came to the table for breakfast and sat. 

All starts to eat breakfast and Wasim speaks “Arzoo, today's your last exam and then I want to show you a guy that I and Rukhsar liked”

Arzoo looked at her father but she decides to not to speak for this. But Zara speaks “Wow Abu! So nice,.. who is he?”

Wasim tells her “Do you know about Ahmed family? Who has partnership with us? His eldest son!”

Zara speaks “Kabir Ahmed? Wow Abu! So nice!! I'm also with your side! Arzoo sis would be definitely agree with your decision!” 

Rukhsar thinks that Arzoo doesn't want to marry anyone for now because of her no response on her father's sudden surprise. 

But Arzoo speaks “Yeah, why not Zara! I'm agree...”

Listening this, Wasim smiled and wished Arzoo for her last exam. He asked her to drop her to the college but Arzoo tells him that she'll go with Nisha.

 And suddenly all looked at the guard coming to them and guard tell Arzoo “Mam, your friend is outside waiting for you”

Arzoo speaks “Yeah, I'm just coming”

And she leaves from there for her college. She came outside and saw Nisha who's on her scootie talking with someone on call. 

Arzoo came to her and Nisha disconnects the call and speaks “Look Arzoo! Cool right?”

Arzoo smiled at her and speaks “Yeah so much! Now let's go” and sat behind her on the scootie. 

Nisha was driving while talking with Arzoo and discussing some questions with her in middle, but a bike was behind them. Arzoo and Nisha, both were unaware of that and suddenly that bike hits Nisha's scootie from the back. Because of this sudden hit on her new scootie, she stopped it and looked at the bike with anger. The guy on bike also stopped but didn't remove his helmet. And she thinks about to not to talk about it and again told Arzoo to sit. But Arzoo walks towards that guy and speaks “What's your problem huh? Can't you see who's in front of you? Or because of this helmet you can't see!!”

That guy removed his helmet and get off the bike. He walks towards the scootie and looked at the damaged back of the scootie. Nisha was also looking at him that now what would he does. 

That guy took his vaulet and gives her the money to repair it and speaks by looking at Nisha “If scootie is yours then why that red chilly came to argue with me?” 

Nisha didn't reply for this and says “Look I don't need your money!” 

Arzoo comes to Nisha and speaks “Ya, so Mr blind! Say sorry to her!”

That guy speaks “Why would I say? And listen stop speaking or I'll snatch your voice from you! And don't need to be great in front of me otherwise I'll show you your status! Got it? Now take this money and leave from here!” then he gives the money in Arzoo's hands.

Listening this, Arzoo threw the money on his face. 

That guy was getting more angry, his eyes turned red and he moves his hand to slap Arzoo but at that time, Arzoo stopped his hand and speaks “This is how you show your status? By showing your manliness on women?”.

The people around them were just looking at that guy because Arzoo totally is right. Nisha looked at others and then speaks “Arzoo, please stop! Everybody is looking at us!” 

Heena Kundra

Edited: 16.01.2021

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