In My Life And Always In My Heart (collection Of Poetry.)

Homecoming Jersey

this is a poem written for a boy that I have a crush on. P.S. he didn't ever say anything back to me.


Every time I think of saying something

I begin to be shy

then I fade away

so I am Doing it the old fashion way

Writing a note and passing it on

It seems that's all I can do


Today I take a step

I have never taken before

It all starts with a jersey and an answer


On a very special day

So I ask you today


On homecoming day


If the answer is NO

Just throw this away

And don't tell me so

Cause I will know


But.....If the answer is yes.

Come and find me

I shall stand by my locker

Oh number 374

and when I see you with this note in hand

I shall know 

oh but still please Tell me so

and than...


on homecoming day


I shall wear your jersey with pride 

on this very homecoming day

maybe just maybe 

it will be different 

cause maybe

I shall be there

- Autumn Nolan

 © copyright all rights reserved to Autumn Nolan 2019

Autumn Nolan

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