In My Life And Always In My Heart (collection Of Poetry.)

Oh I Am Teenage Girl

this is a poem I made as tribute to tell my best friends mother. if ever could. that I am a teenage girl. and that my life is basically drama and dumb stuff all the time.


I wake up in the morning then I go back to bed

My room is mess and so is my hair

My clothes are scattered on the floor

My mirror is unseenable

My my socks are mismatched

My hair brush is lost in the junk on my table

My ponytail snapes in my hair

My bold type mcsacra is out 

My eyeshadows is smeared


Oh I am teenage girl

My jeans are faded out of glory

My t-shirt is clean 

There is a smear of something on the side

My shoelaces are refusing to stay tied

My backpack seems heavy

My stomach is empty

My eyes are dying to close


Oh I am a teenage girl

My best friend is sitting next to someone

Oh doesn't she know

Oh doesn't she know

All the heartbreak she shall feel

My sister sitting there too

Rather not she's gather the signs

Is unknowing


Oh I am teenage girl

My work is a duel against my ideas

My partner is a same old kind of a guy

The teacher knows I can do better

The teacher knows had not tried


Oh I am a teenage girl

My lips are trembling

My eyes are whining

My friend is gossiping

My best friend friend is something else

I made a promise to something I don't understand

Oh I am a teenage girl


I thought I was better than my own best friend

We fought with words they seem to unbought

Her mother's says don't you baby

The drama is flying

Her mama ain't liking

Her mother tells Her I am nothing 

Her mother tells her I am a user of her own will


Oh I am a teenage girl


No matter how many times I said I was sorry

She didn't go to store it away

Oh but I am sorry

Oh but lady

I am a teenage girl

In the modern world

I gossip

I spread rumors

I am in the highest of education


Oh I am teenage girl


This not who I want to be

Just why can't you just see me

You hold a grudge 

Like I am murder of your feelings

You tell her to tell me i ain't nothing special 


Oh I am a teenage girl in the modern world


 © copyright all rights reserved to Autumn Nolan 2019


Autumn Nolan

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