In My Life And Always In My Heart (collection Of Poetry.)

differences between us

this is a poem about a boy who kept on flirting with me who basically would never date someone like me because i am way to different for him.    he's jock and will I'm..... nothing?


Maybe if you truly saw me for who I truly was 

No matter who I was 

My life has always been a bundle of mazes roll into one thing

How can someone like you like me

You play sports 

I write on the sidelines and I shy away.

You smile and take what you get

I can't do that. Although one day 

I wish to be famous and show the world me You do that every day.

You're a flirt. I'm a lover

You're a fighter. I'm one too.

You broke your bones. 

I have only broken my heart many times. 

There is so much space between us. 

There so many differences between us.

You're a jock.

I am not sporty 

but that doesn't mean I don't like playing sports.

I am not the cheerleading type

You're a jock. 

Your type always breaks girls me hearts and don't even think twice about it.

It doesn't mean I don't know you. I know only so little. How can even do this to me? 

You make me blush. 

I bet you only like me for one reason only I'm easy prey

I may have A.D.H.D. 

but that doesn't mean I am dumb.

It just means I am a little bit special

Oh we got so many differences

Which makes me feel that I don't belong

That shouldn't be daydreaming about me being in your arms

Oh why oh why

Why does the world have to be so cruel to me

Oh I just wish 

You would look at me

And notice that I AM NOT FAKE

That I want you 

That you different 

And so I am

Why can't you not have a girlfriend

Why can't it just be me

Why can't I be the one you think of 

Why can't I just be yours


Why can't we forget everything

Why  Can't we just be together now

so here I wait for you although I know you are not coming to me

but maybe someday you will....

 © copyright all rights reserved to Autumn Nolan 2019

Autumn Nolan

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