In My Life And Always In My Heart (collection Of Poetry.)

One Of A Kind

this is a mothers day poem I made for my mom. the things in bold are things I love about her or things I value that she has done.  Or simple things that have happened you will notice that dawn  is in bold once this is because it is her name.


Your my sun in the rain

Your light in the night

You show me the way

You hold my hand and lead to the world

Your mind is your's to share

I am struggling no more

Just one brush of your touch

I am alright

I smile knowing that you are there

Your love is there all through night

And is with me in the dawn

A simple day 

A simple thing

Turned into a book full of undying memories 

I know I shall never forget

I still remember 

The moments

When you held me in your arms 

How you would tell a story so simple yet true

How you shared your favorites with me

How you would sit with me 

Showing me what 8 x 9 was 

Oh mother I still remember it so

8 x 9 is 72 

You would sit down with me 

And help me study for a test 

Oh mother I will remember it all so

You helped me when I believed I was dying

You helped me when I was crying

You helped me with my problems

Oh mother I know so you are one of a kind

Oh so long ago

I did not know how tie my shoes

Who was there

But you mother

I did not know how to get dress 

Oh and you were there

I did not like to be told no

And maybe do so still today

Oh so long ago

I could not reach the top shelf 

Oh and you were there to give me a boost 

Oh so long ago

I played in the dirt.

I tracked the dirt into house

Without a single care in the world

Oh and you were there to wash me up 

Oh everytime I got a ouchie

You were there to bandage it and kiss it better

Oh and you still do it that way today

Every bump and every bruise 

You were there to help me through it

Oh and you still do it today

Oh mother 

You always tell me so

Use your words not your fist

Use your wits not angry

Use your kindness and your heart

Oh you told me so 

Don't use your fists

If you do use as a last resort 

Oh mother 

Oh my mother

Don't you know 

Your one of a kind

Your my one of kind

Like a jackpot

I have won

Here you are

Oh mother

Yes you are strong

Oh yes mother

You are beautiful

Oh yes 

Oh no

Oh yes yes

You are mine

Your my mother

But your not just mine

Your have many others as will

Oh mother 

I hope everytime you read this

You think of how you felt

And think of how much you mean to me

And to us

Oh mother 

I hope you remember it

I hope you remember the taste 

Of your love

The treat so young yet so rare

Oh mother you are one of a kind


Copyright © Autumn Nolan 2019

Autumn Nolan

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Edited: 12.03.2019

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