In My Life And Always In My Heart (collection Of Poetry.)

Letting Go

a  poem I made for my older on his brother 18th birthday


letting go is not as easy as it seems
seeing in the ways as I do now breaks my heart
to see you grow up so easily as I know that may never get to be in pain for you again
yet I am happy for now I know that you can be free and yourself
your talent some where deeper 
I miss the ways we use to run 
I miss the way we used to play
oh miss you this very day
as you know this so much for me
I knowing now that this is your day 
I am very happy for you
as I remember you

I shall not forget 
I know one day we will walk down the same roads we will watch each other
but all those broken promises

I cannot burry deeper than my love

for you on this birthday I know for you

now all grow that my oldest hero is gone away but is not far out of reach

Copyright © Autumn Nolan 2019

Autumn Nolan

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Edited: 12.03.2019

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