In My Life And Always In My Heart (collection Of Poetry.)

I Am Yours

this is a poem I made for parents christmas 2017


Teach me who i am from within

Hide me from those who don’t understand me

Shield me from the world i can’t live without

Tell me your stories

Show me who i am  meant to be

Show me how to live in the real world

Don’t let me forget that i am whomever i wish to be

Don’t let me cry alone

Don’t let me slip away

Oh please look at me see what you fought for

Oh please look at me see your light to the darkness



Look at me mommy! Look at me now.

Look at what you have created

I see it all now. I see who i am meant to be.

All because of you.

Look at me mommy.

I am a young lady.

Beautiful , kind and caring.  

Oh mommy.

I know you.

Mommy i know you’re hurting.

Mommy look at me.

Look at yourself.

I know mommy.

I know you're tryed all night and day to shape me into

the lady you wish to see.

Stop mommy you did it.

Oh mommy just look at me now


Look at me daddy.

Do you see what i see?

Oh daddy i am strong

But daddy i still need you.

Oh daddy hold me in your arms as if nothing will ever change.

I know you daddy.

I know you worry about how me and my sister.

Don’t worry daddy.

I got you.

I know you.

Don’t worry about thing.

I know what you see.

But daddy we’re growing up.

We want wear this cut shoes and that cute top.

But don’t worry daddy nothing is wrong with us.

Daddy we’re still your little princesses.

And forever we shall be.

©  Copyright Autumn Nolan 2019

Autumn Nolan

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Edited: 12.03.2019

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