In My Life And Always In My Heart (collection Of Poetry.)

We Are The Powerful

this poem was written for a display set up at my work for national's women's history month.


We are the ones who get it done

We are the strong

The beautiful and smart

We don’t need no man to tell us how to get it done

So ladies with your heads held high

This is your world

This is our world

So stand back men

We’ll show you how it’s done

Because we are stronger than thousands  of men

We are smarter than a million professors

We are braver than we look


For centuries we stood

In the dark

Now here we are

Standing strong

Making our mark on the world

Because we run this world

No more housewife and trophy wife

Life for us

Cause we have voices

And we will use them


So men get out your pens

Cause you're gonna need them

Make no mistake

We run this show


We got our sisters

In the media

Everywhere you look

We are there

Cause we got our sisters

In the House and Senate


We are the legends in the making

Forgot about the history

Because this is our HERstory


We are the peacemakers

The lovers and warriors

Today, tomorrow and yesterday

Our voices are heard

Our visions are seen

Our existence strongly known


So stand up


Young and old

We are the powerful

The many

The seen

The heard

The strong

The smart

The beautiful and unstoppable

We are amazing

Together in this world ladies

There is nothing we can’t and won’t do

So watch out world

Here we come

 © copyright all rights reserved to Autumn Nolan 2019



Autumn Nolan

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Edited: 12.03.2019

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